I was sadly disappointed. I pretty much guessed how that plot was going to be resolved by the blurb for this book, and I was right. Though I have no problem with the manner in which the situation was resolved, it was very unpleasant to read about it. It was the first of many times that I put the book down and wondered if I could continue on. Now, after finishing the book, I have to wonder why that sub-plot was even there to begin with.

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It was so This was weird, and it felt like too much to deal with. What the hell was happening? Is this the night we become a boring couple? No relationship ever is. That our lives are changing. But it was far too quiet. Phones were so personal. Then I reached up and clicked off the light. In the comforting shelter of his arms, I let myself drift with the melancholy, hopeful strains of the music.

I heard him swallow, felt his deep, sudden breath at my back. Landing on a rocky shore, thankful just to be alive, while the storm goes on around them.

We had a tenuous new start on our relationship, and many challenges ahead of us. I was grateful we had each other to cling to while we weathered the storm.

He woke me before he left, leaning down to kiss my cheek. His face was soft and he smelled like aftershave. I nodded sleepily. I selected my clothing carefully, deciding on dark indigo skinny jeans, a loose and flowing black tunic— to disguise the post-abortion bloat that was making me feel so sexy— and tall black boots. I wound a gray and orange Hermes Camails patterned scarf around my neck. The scarf had been a gift from Gabriella; both Penelope and I had gotten them for Christmas the year before.


The Girlfriend ~ Chapter 18

I was so proud of Holli, and so freaked out at the same time. Everything seemed to have exploded for Holli overnight. The side-trip to London, to be interviewed for a BBC documentary about body image, was going to be the thing that pushed her over the top, I knew, even if she was trying not to pin too many hopes on the next month. I was bursting with happiness for her, but I have to admit I was slightly bumming myself out by comparing our situations.


The Girlfriend


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