Revocation of certificate: Following are circumstances in which certificate so granted may be revoked: 1. Defective proceedings: Certificate is issued after filing an application containing certain information. Absence of one or more of them may cause revocation of succession certificate. Fraudulent acquisition: If the certificate is obtained by making any false information or by concealment of any material fact, renders certificate revoke.

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Absence of one or more of them may cause revocation of succession certificate. Certificate stands revoke. It is called letter of administration by which the grantee, the administrator, becomes clothed with powers and duties similar to those of an executor. If the deceased has made a Will, but failed to appoint executor, the court grants letter of administration with the Will annexed. It is granted to a person interested in the estate, i.

Where the deceased dies wholly intestate, administration is, except in special circumstances, e. It means generally, distribution of estate or execution of Will is responsibility of executor, but administrator is appointed latter.

Late appointment of administrator makes no difference and considered as appointed soon after death. This entitlement may either cover whole estate or part of estate. Court shall grant administration to any person to whom court thinks fit. He cannot understand the requirement of administration. If the association is company and satisfies all conditions made by Provincial Government then letter of administration can be granted to her. When several executors are appointed they all are entitled to probate.

Their simultaneous application is immaterial. The grant of probate to some of the executors does not debar the rest executors to apply for probate. Where several executors are appointed by codicil, probate shall stand revoke.

Afresh probate of codicil shall be granted.


Succession Certificates

This certificate is issued in respect of movable property of a deceased person, for example a car, money in bank account, jewelry etc. The procedure often becomes more complicated if there are competing claimants of the same property or asset, and the matter is finally decided by the court. Contact us to discuss your particular circumstances as our expert lawyers have vast experience of the whole process of obtaining succession certificates. Law of Succession or Succession Act governs the all procedure related with succession certificate in Pakistan. There are two different ways to file an application for succession certificate… All legal heir can file a joint application in the court with the consent of other legal heirs.



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