Reply: Similar Artilces: How to display an include a file using include or Response. WriteFile in the correct location of the web form Hello, I am trying to include a file, which will work as a footer for the main page. I currently have a GridView that gets populated by a DataSource. WriteFile " command and the result is the same. Does anyone know why this i

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I wrote code Response. Redirect then page is not redirected to reqquested page ajax. This credits that member, earns you a point and marks your thread as Resolved so we will all know you have been helped. Could PB. This is a multi-part message in MIME format. NET web form web page to other web site?? I have tried many datys, Could any kind man give me some suggessions?? Can a. NET 1. NET 2. Could I just change the web site to point to the 2.

NET version and still have the. Have you some of you approached this? Officially you should run the upgrade wizard on your 1. I did the same thing again from a different folder not sure why there were so many versions of default. When i edit No response from response.

It stopped working in one of the pages but stills fine in the other pages. I checked the button click event, put labels with messages in them; the labels get posted when the button is clicked; but when i remove the labels and put in the response. Page A : With a Button on it. PAge B: with some info. Page B must open in a pop up window. I can do this but problem is this when I clicked on the button for first time it does not show me any thing and when I clicked on the button for second time then It shows me Page B.

Diferences Between Page. I noticed that you have the Request, Response, Application and Session Objects both in the Page object and in the context object The help distinguish the two like this: Page. Request: Gets the System. HttpRequest object for the requested page. Using any of the two, the output would be the same Question on Response. TransmitFile and page postback I am sending a file from the server back to the client using Response. TransmitFile in response to the user clicking a button on the page.

I believe that is due to the way TransmitFile operates. Is this true and is there any way to get the page to do the postback? When you write a file to the response stream, you are writing binary content, not html.

The page has already posted back- the user must have clicked a button or link to download the file. What you are saying is y I would like to execute a painting program from the web so I can manipulate an image from a browser.

Chopps I have a little paint program that I want to run via a webpage. They are files. How can I sh How can I solve this problem? Web resources about - Response. TransmitFile, Response. WriteFile does not continue executing the page.


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Filed under: computers , web — If you use the Response. TransmitFile method in your ASP. NET pages, there is a good chance that the file being transmitted is locked and unavailable for writing during that operation. TransmitFile was introduced with.


Response.TransmitFile not opening Save dialog

Close Logging This had the great advantage that the client receives the image immediatly while the server continues logging afterwards. We use only a single thread, the actual request thread. A friend of mine pointed out I might want to move the logging out of the ASP. NET worker process so as to not block incoming requests. After some testing I discovered that if you call Response. TransmitFile and then afterwards call Response.


How to refresh page after response.transmitfile?


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