Controlterra, Ministerio de Salud de Chile, Tabla. Ground reaction curve GRC. To do this, we start from the classical and empirical methods Bieniawski, orBarton et al. For this reason there are not nowknown to the Author, landslide quantitative hazard complete models expressed in terms of probabilities of destructive potential, and the study presented in this paper is an attempt into this direction. Estabilidad de taludes Prof.

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En los casos mencionados se ha supuesto que la rigidez del sostenimiento es constante. As mentioned earlier, the GSI value can be considered Cai et al.

The values obtain thus take into account an assumption of a continuous trend, from brittle behaviour in high quality rock masses subjected to unconfined conditions, to pure ductile behaviour in poor quality rock masses for extremely high confinement stress as happens to rocks in the deeper zones nanual the Earth s crust.

Meteoric rain, temperature, windbiologic and anthropic agents, when they act on the high natural steep environment, intensify the denudating processes erosion and mass movementswhich in turn produce deep and extense colluvial and talus deposits of great heterogeneity and generally wet condition. Another issue raised was the influence of bifurcation and localization on realistic results.

Se puede considerar que el sostenimiento 3 es estabildad flexible en este caso. This led Shuk to the deduction that the so called Present Envelope should corresponded really to long term stability and that the conventional analyses represented short term stability conditions.

Finally, the role of constant dilatancy in LDPs has been analysed. The constitutive equation for a strain softening material can be incias in accordance with the incremental theory of plasticity. One should estabilkdad remember that, as explained in the introduction, the elastic perfectly plastic behaviour model seems to represent more or less accurately the behaviour of low quality rock masses and therefore it is only suggested for rock masses in the range of GSI 25 to Propuesta estimativa de Hoek y Brown para el comportamiento post rotura de macizos rocosos.

Elastic young s modulus results of granite Xavier rock samples. Certainly, the behaviour is not only complex but also difficult to estimate because, unlike what happens with standard materials such as concrete and steel, rock inviaa have estabiliad marked effect of scale, so that the behaviour observed in laboratory cannot be extrapolated to the scale of the work taluees tunnel or mineand so a standard application of the scientific method is not valid for this field of engineering, in which the heuristic, the case studies and numerical models techniques are necessary research.

En la figura 3. Some of these parameters and others considered in this work are shown in Table 5. Help Center Find new research papers in: La primera meta fueron 5. Cada tipo de sostenimiento se caracteriza por su rigidez, considerada igual a una constante k. Remember me Forgot password? Finally, based on the techniques for obtaining convergence confinement curves and the study of post failure behaviour of rock masses, the longitudinal deformation profiles LDPsor curves that relate the distance to the excavation face with the strain and decompression suffered by the excavation of the rock mass, have been analyzed.

Al momento de perfilar, no olvidar de dar las pendientes longitudinales y transversales adecuadas, que permitan un libre escurrimientos de tludes aguas lluvias. The earth surface, subject to the relentless geologic cycle, is continuously changing due to weathering processes changes due to climatic agentsto erosion and to mass movements, followed by deposition, densification, etc.

We can thus see how unrealistic values in both final displacements and safety factors would be obtained Table 5. El material debe ser acordonado y mezclado en la cantidad necesaria maual obtener el espesor y ancho requerido. Log In Sign Up. Para ello, se sugiere almacenar el producto bajo techo, evitando dichas temperaturas. Comportamiento post rotura de las rocas En la Figura 2. Procedimiento de trabajo El procedimiento estabiidad de este tipo de trabajo tienen las siguientes etapas: However, in what concerns residual data, Mohr Coulomb seems to fit results much better.

On the other hand, rock mass behaviour model selection and, in particular, rock mass post failure behaviour are key issues in analysing tunnel stability, in particular in terms of the correct application of design techniques such as the convergence confinement method and also numerical modelling. Figure Tunnel ground reaction curve and support for a medium quality rock mass resulting from the strain softening model with a variable drop modulus and variable dilatancy.

Setabilidad how the more weathered granite Castro II is twice more deformable than the other one Xavierwhich at the same time is much more deformable than non weathered granite rocks. Also necessary are the drop modulus and the dilatancy features, which have been reported to be confinement stress dependent on rock samples and rock masses, thereby rendering rock behaviour even more complex. Holgado Oca, Luis Miguel. This formulation, which was chosen for its simplicity, is based on Detournay but also on a study of dilatancy decay in estabilidsd with the plasticity parameter in some reinterpreted cases.

Nonetheless, the author of the thesis is of the opinion that it is more realistic and accurate to model dilatancy as estabiljdad rather than constant, even if parameter estimation is more difficult.

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