Page 2: The Basics The Basi 1. Hands et allows tw wo-way comm munication w while a call i is establishe 2. Speake er turns on w when you pre ess an availa able line key y. You can he ear when the e other party answers a and pick up the handset

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Page 2: The Basics The Basi 1. Hands et allows tw wo-way comm munication w while a call i is establishe 2. Speake er turns on w when you pre ess an availa able line key y. You can he ear when the e other party answers a and pick up the handset Page 3: Answering Calls Alerter flashes when the telephone rings. Microphone allows you to speak to a caller without using the handset Answering Calls To signal an incoming call, your telephone rings, the alerter light flashes, and the indicator beside a line or intercom key flashes slowly.

To Answer a call: 1. Page 4: Ending A Call 1. Press another line key. The indicator flashes beside the line on hold and you can use other lines or features. Press the line key with the flashing indicator to return to the held call.

Ending a call 1. Hang up or pres the "Rls" button Setting the alerter volume 1. Page 5: Handsfree Calling Reorder tone: A fast busy tone which indicates that you attempted to use a restricted feature or use a feature improperly. Confirmation tone: Two short beeps followed by silence informs you that the feature you used was successfully completed.

Ring Again tone: One long and two short pings indicate that the line for which you left a Ring Again request has come free. Page 6: Setting Up Local Features The M has an adjustable two-line display which shows you helpful information about the features you can activate or the call you make and receive.

When making an outgoing call, for instance, the numbers you dial are shown on the display. Page 7 Note that t the M is initially s set up to hav ve the Save N Number, Me emory Numb ber, and Paus keys avai ilable to you u and they ap ppear at the f feature key l locations sho own below: These ke eys are alway Page 8 To set the time and date on your M 1.

Press the "Program" button. Press the "Hold" button. Enter the date using the format shown on the display. Page 9 6. Press the "Program" or "Rls" button to exit programming mode. Display Language To select the language used to show information on the display: 1. Page 10 2. Press the "Hold" button to save the new setting. If a number has already been stored, it is also shown on the display. Enter the number you wish to store.

If you want to keep the number shown on the display, if any, skip to step 6. Page Automatic Line 1. Press the Automatic Dial key you want to program. Dial the number you want to store. Press the Automatic Dial key again. Label the key. You may want to use a name or telephone number to identify the key. To erase an Automatic Dial key: 1. Page Intercom Group Intercom Group Telephones in your system can be organized into Intercom Groups based upon projects or departments.

Each telephone in the group is then assigned an Intercom Group number. To call someone in your Intercom Group: 1. Page Call Waiting 3. Dial the telephone number you want to assign to that code. You can store telephone numbers up to 24 digits long.

Note that if there is a number already assigned to this code, the new number you input erases the old. Page Call Pickup Call waiting lets you know when you have a second incoming call by sending two short tones to the handset or speaker at regular intervals and by lighting the Call Waiting indicator.

To answer your second call: 1. Press the "Call Wait" key which shows the flashing indicator. The original call goes on hold automatically.

Page Override Leave Message works with the Message Waiting feature by letting you send a call request to another telephone in your system. Your call request allows the other party to return your call quickly and easily. To leave a call request: 1. Page Conference 5. Press the "Ring Again button to automatically redial the number. If you do not press the "Ring Again" button within a pre-defined time limit between seconds , the Ring Again request is cancelled automatically.

If you have only one line and are already on a call when the Ring Again indicator flashes, you must complete the call before the pre-defined time limit and press the "Ring Again" Page Privacy Release Call Park lets you put a call on hold at your telephone, then retrieve the call from any telephone in your system. To park a call: 1.

While on a call, press the "Call Park" button. You hear two short beeps followed by silence. Page Make Busy To transfer a call by establishing a conference: 1. While on the current call, press the "Conf 3" button. The current call goes on hold automatically. You hear three beeps followed by the dial tone. Dial the number of the new person you want to add to the conference. When the person answers, you can talk privately--the original caller cannot hear your conversation.


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