Giorgio Nardone en En este libro, Giorgio Nardone propone una actitud realista y pragmatica, segun la cual una mentira no debe evaluarse de forma absoluta, sino siempre a la luz de las circunstancias, las intenciones, los objetivos y los resultados. Cada uno de nosotros deberia aprender el arte de la mentira y explorar estratagemas para emplearla. El miedo es una emocion fundamental para la supervivencia. Lo que nos puede arruinar la vida, en cambio, es el panico, el miedo al miedo, el temor preventivo a las reacciones psicofisiologicas con que nuestro organismo responde ante lo que percibimos.

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Clarke Giorgio Nardone, founder of the Strategic Therapy Centre of Arezzo where he carries out his activities as a psychotherapist and coach along with Paul Watzlawick, of which he is the only direct pupil and successor, is considered the most prominent figure in the tradition of the Palo Alto School.

He is internationally recognised both for his creativity and his methodological rigour. In addition to the clinical setting, his activities and research concern Communication and Strategic Problem Solving applied to managerial contexts and artistic and sport performances. He has held conferences and seminars for decades and he has presented his work in over 36 different countries.

Most of them are translated into more than 10 languages. He wrote dozens of textbook chapters and many articles in international scientific journals. The Therapist He has personally treated, with therapeutic success, the greatest number of patients: over 25, cases.

He has held more than 3, conferences for the public and more than 1, specialised seminars and workshops throughout the world. He formalised 30 treatment protocols and 40 therapeutic stratagems which were developed for different types of psychopathologies.

The Coach More than record holder athletes and international artists have been guided to overcome their limitations and improve their performance. He has trained and supervised hundreds of top managers to the implementation of strategic changes in their companies and organizations. Biography Giorgio Nardone graduated at the University of Siena, faculty of Education, with a thesis on philosophy of science.

Subsequently, he conducted a research project on the epistemology of clinical psychology and of the various psychotherapy models, as an assistant to the Chair of Professor Mariano Bianca.

In this work, he analysed the epistemological criteria of the different models of psychotherapy. He immediately realised that the only model among all that could stand up to this close examination was the one of the School of Palo Alto, that is, the works produced by the group of the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, California. In fact, the researchers of this Institute, leaded by Don. Later, Paul Watzlawick developed a real theory on pragmatics of communication and change Watzlawick et al.


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