The concept of digitised art would have been inconceivable to Cendrars, yet digitised art is now a common medium. When viewed in person the physical presence of La prose commands viewers, an experience incomparable to viewing La prose digitally because it alters what our eyes are drawn to and what is of interest. When published in La prose could only be experienced in person, and the interactive nature of the work presents a kinetic experience not translatable over digitised versions. For English speakers a translated text is necessary to understand La prose, and this translation leads to a new emergence of work. With a literary text in which every phrase, word and reference has deliberate connotations, people reading English translations and viewing digital copies are arguably not experiencing the original meaning conveyed through La prose.

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La prose was a product of its time and place, a period like no other before or since. Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso were creating the radical new artistic vision of Cubism, leading to the birth of abstraction, and Marcel Duchamp was brewing his own conceptual artistic revolution. The modernist spirit that was centered in Paris extended to all of Europe and the world beyond, setting the stage for the advent of Dada and Surrealism.

It was not the art dealers, nor the critics, nor the collectors who made these painters famous, it was the modern poets, and people forget it rather too easily, and so do all these painters who, today, are millionaires and are still indebted to us, the poor poets! Photograph by Nadar studio. He was a major influence on many of the poets, and even visual artists, of the generation that followed, an influence that is still felt today.

One Toss of the Dice was the birth certificate of modern poetry. Wikimedia Commons Guillaume Apollinaire Apollinaire — was the quintessential poet of modernism. Immensely influential among his contemporaries, both poets and artists, he helped define the avant-garde in both art and literature, and coined the terms Cubism and Surrealism.

The beautiful things we can do now! Printed by Paul Birault, Paris. La fin du monde was conceived as a screenplay, begun in collaboration with Guillaume Apollinaire and Jean Cocteau, both of whom soon dropped out of the project.

A charismatic prodigy, Radiguet died in at age 20, leaving behind two brilliant and scandalous novels and a string of lovers, male and female, from the bohemian circles of Paris. Gris met his own death at age 40, in the year following publication of Denise. The disruptive clash between more orthodox expression and that of the avant-garde was the defining spirit of the time the battlefields of modernism in their own way foreshadowed the battlefields of , when many artists and poets — including Leger, Cendrars, and Apollinaire — eagerly enlisted for combat.

Quote Created with Sketch. The cacophonous Rite of Spring was the centerpiece of a simultaneity of sound, color, and movement. This riot against modernism, to put it bluntly, conferred on the piece more glory than anything positive could possibly have done—riots led to revelry in the long run.


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La Prose Du Transsibérien


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