Offering position and weather information, The TH-D72A opens up broad new vistas of outdoor enjoyment, especially for activities like trekking. Target point functions You can store up to 5 target points and display, in real time, the direction and distance to each of these. You can also switch instantly between north-up and heading-up displays, whichever you fi nd more convenient. GPS Logger functions - Store up to 5, points of track data in internal memory. The built-in GPS receiver provides positional information, while weather information can be acquired by connecting a meteorological device. All of this information can be exchanged with other stations, and it can also be output to a PC for map display using commercially available APRS application software.

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Dit This transceiver provides 10 dedicated memory channels. Store it in a memory channel. Thda Pathing Access Menu 3E1. These keys change frequencies, memory channels, or other selections, depending on the current transceiver mode. Do not allow the terminals to become shorted. If necessary, use the cable service part: When kenwpod memory mode, a channel number will be shown by the frequency. The D72 can alert you about several types of events. Smaller, faster and easier to use than the factory instruction manual.

They are like repeaters, but unlike voice repeaters which have the audio coupled from a receiver to a transmitter, there is just a transceiver on a single frequency.

Ham Radio Mini-Manual Provides clear descriptions for all controls, setup menus and modes of operation. You may include SSID characters in the string. Please do not send subassemblies or printed circuit boards; It is also possible to program [] on the front panel as a [CALL] key for transmitting the Hz tone.

Away from Salt Spring where there are highways where you could travel for hours at 80 kph, the fast speed should be set to 80 kph. You will find this function useful when you want to control your mobile transceiver from a location outside your vehicle.

Do not jar or throw the battery! I have been hosting the UI-View web site since Roger passed away. With the squelch level set correctly, you will hear sound only while actually receiving a signal. TX INHIBIT You can inhibit th-x72a transmission to prevent unauthorized individuals from transmitting, or to eliminate accidental transmissions while carrying the transceiver.

QSY information can also be included automatically in the status text It is rare that more than two hops would be needed. Unless you program a call sign, you cannot transmit APRS packets. This feature just means that the squelch will open and you will hear a burst of data on the speaker if you hear an APRS beacon from another station using voice alert. You must see BCON on the display or will not beacon. You can assign your own desired functions to these 3 keys. Once you become familiar with the Menu system, you will appreciate the versatility it offers.

Verify the offset if it is a repeater frequency. Some repeaters in the U. It is possible for two D72s to be within earshot of each other and communicate back and forth without the help of a digi. The idea is to then make a quick voice call on There are 2 ways to perform a reset on the transceiver: For some symbols, an overlay character can be used instead of the table.

Leaving kebwood at the Kenwood symbol tells others that the device is capable of receiving messages. Naming a Memory Group You can name Memory group using up to 8 characters. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

It does not correspond to the Gamin-TXT format. This transceiver is no exception. You can enter 0 to 9, A to Z. In this case ex. The status text and QSY information is entered in menu 3A0. It has many features, but if you use it for a few days, you should be able to get familiar with most of them. Memory Channels In Memory channels, you can thda frequencies and related data that you often use.

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