John Alexander Dowie — A good and holy man, now passed into the heavens, who was the means of the conversion of my father, and who made him one of his earnest co-workers. Dowie failed to point out is that the Israelites that were carried away into the Assyrian captivities of BC to BC also included thousands jjohn people from the Southern Kingdom of Judah. I crossed the lake with him one night and spent the evening in conversation. He received his early education in the academies of that city and went with his parents in to Adelaide, South Australia. He was a personal friend of Dr.

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His father, John Murray Dowie, was a tailor and part time preacher. In his family immigrated to Australia, and moved to the town of Adelaide. Dowie became a member of the Congregational church, and decided he wanted to enter the ministry. He went to the University of Edinburgh to study.

While there he was exposed to the teachings of Edward Irving, who had been a student there. Irving believed that cessassionist theology was wrong, and the gifts were still available to the church today. Upon graduation he returned to Australia, and became pastor of a Congregational church at a small town, about 50 miles from Adelaide.

In he moved to Sydney and became minister of the Newtown Congregational church. It was here that God revealed that healing was still for today. Several members of his church became sick and died during a wave of disease that hit the city. God spoke to Dowie, and showed him that sickness was of the devil and to be resisted. He began to pray for his parishioner, and from that day forward none died.

This revelation so impacted Dowie that he left the pastorate, and became a full-time healing evangelist. He moved to Melbourne in the early eighteen-eighties, began to gather a following, and eventually built a church there. He published a magazine about healing called "Jehovah Rophi". These meetings were so spectacular that the front wall of the meeting room was covered with crutches, braces, and other medical paraphernalia left by those healed in the meetings.

Next, he set up his headquarters in Chicago, where he preached to thousands every Sunday. He bought a building so that people who traveled to Chicago, for healing, would have a place to stay.

He began to publish a journal called "Leaves of Healing", which went to thousands of people, promoting the divine healing message. Hundreds of people were flocking to his ministry to receive teaching and prayer. Many were healed dramatically. Dowie was extremely antagonistic towards government officials and the medical profession.

He regularly preached against using doctors. Some medical professionals rose up to stop his work, by suing him for practicing medicine without a license. At one point, he was taken to jail almost every day over this issue. The publicity from these arrests only served to draw more attention to his ministry and increased size of his congregation.

In fact Dowie "declared war" on the medical profession, so that the publicity would cover his activities of purchasing land outside of Chicago. He attacked denominational churches and told people that they needed to leave them.

He spoke against A. He particularly attacked D. Moody and R. In that battle moved to an all-out war. Dowie declared that Moody would die because of his criticism against him. When Moody did die in Dowie declared it was the judgment of God. He declared that Torrey, like Moody, would die under the judgment of God. Torrey would go on to hold some of the most successful evangelistic campaigns up to that time and live 20 years beyond Dowie.

Dowie was drawing people by the thousands, but there were some major cracks in the spiritual foundations of Dowie personally and of his family. He began to envision a new church similar to the Catholic church, where he was the pope. In he founded Zion City, about 40 miles from Chicago. He was the owner of all the property, and tenants leased the land they built their houses on. Their savings went into the Zion bank. He visited New York and took a European tour in He then traveled to New Zealand and Australia in These trips were taken using Zion bank money, even though the bankers assured him that the bank could not support the drain.

In he had a stroke and traveled to Mexico where he bought a large tract of land for a "plantation paradise. Zion City was in financial ruins, his daughter had died, and his marriage had disintegrated.

His wife claimed that he was promoting polygamy. Dowie had a second stroke, which immobilized him. He was removed as the head of Zion, and lived a broken man for a few more months, until his death on March 11, At his request his grave was filled with concrete, after his coffin was put inside, to stave off anyone taking his body and suggesting he had miraculously arisen.

An idea reportedly promoted by Dowie himself. Tens of thousands of people were touched by the truth that God still heals, but Dowie was a seriously flawed messenger. He brought Divine Healing into the national consciousness, but also tainted it with the deception he fell into. These included: John G. Lake, F. Richey, Lilian B. Yeomans, Cyrus B. Fockler, and many others. Names showing up in blue are other people who have biographies on this web site.

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Biography[ edit ] Early life and education[ edit ] Dowie was born in Edinburgh , Scotland to John Murray Dowie, a tailor and preacher, and his wife. There Dowie found work in a prosperous bootmaker retail and factory business developed by his paternal uncle, Alexander Dowie. Career[ edit ] After Dowie completed the program and returned to Australia, he was ordained in as pastor of a Congregational church at Alma, South Australia near Hamley Bridge. Dowie received and accepted a call in to a pastorate at Manly, New South Wales , and at Newtown in They had three children: Gladstone — , Jeanie — , and Esther — About this time he gave up his pastorate as a Congregational clergyman and became an independent evangelist , holding his meetings in a theatre and claiming powers as a faith healer.


John Alexander Dowie

His father, John Murray Dowie, was a tailor and part time preacher. In his family immigrated to Australia, and moved to the town of Adelaide. Dowie became a member of the Congregational church, and decided he wanted to enter the ministry. He went to the University of Edinburgh to study. While there he was exposed to the teachings of Edward Irving, who had been a student there.


John Alexander Dowie (1847 - 1907)

Alexander Dowie Dowie was born in Edinburgh and emigrated to Australia with his family when he was 13 years old. When he was 20, in , he returned to Edinburgh University to study theology in preparation to enter the ministry, returning to Australia three years later. On April 1st, he took on the pastorate of the Congregational Church in Alma, and in Manly Beach the following year. In he moved to a church in Newton where he became convinced of the possibility of divine healing. In he left the Congregational Church and began an independent ministry based firstly in Sydney and then in Melbourne. In he moved to the United States and established his ministry in Evanston, Ill.


John Alexander Dowie – The Father of Healing Revivalism in America.


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