This fiber optic repeater not only allows you to expand the reach of PROFIBUS networks and provide fieldbus communications over long distances, but it also delivers the fastest and most reliable data transmission possible. If a fault were to occur, integrated ring redundancy switches the signal over to another ring segment without interruption, i. Product Features Enables PROFIBUS communications over long distances thanks to two electrical and two optical ports Supports singlemode, multimode and plastic fiber with the respective product variants Offers failsafe communications with built-in ring redundancy Ensures high data integrity in harsh environments protected by a robust metal housing and conformal coating Delivers high performance with PROFIBUS data rates of up to 12 Mbps, among the fastest in the industry Enables fault alerts with built-in relay for an independent alarm line Provides reliable operations through redundant 24 Volt power supply inputs Facilitates monitoring with signal strength outputs, LEDs for link status, data transfer activity and error situations OZD Profi 12M G22 Resources Product Bulletin.

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Hirschmann product site www. Hirschmann reserves the right to amend the contents of this Description and Operating Instructions without prior notice. Hirschmann cannot provide any warranty or guarantee with regard to the correctness or accuracy of the information contained in this Description and Operating Instructions. Contents Contents Safety Instructions Page 4 Contents 5 Help with problems Page 5: Safety Instructions Safety Instructions Notes on safety General safety instructions This manual contains instructions to be observed for This device is operated by electricity.

You must follow ensuring your personal safety and for preventing damage. Only technicians authorized by Hirschmann are Warning! This is a Class A device. This equipment may cause radio interference if used in a residential area; It can be mounted on a DIN rail. Page 9 1 Introduction Glass fiber technology Measuring output The use of glass fiber transmission technology enables One measuring output is available for each optical chan- a very large transmission range and ensures optimal nel at the 3-pin screw terminal block on the front of the protection from EMC effects on the transmission path repeater.

Page General Functions 2 General Functions 2. A sticker attached to the side of the If a repeater sends a frame - no echo! Page Network Topologies 3 Network Topologies 3. Page 16 3 Network Topologies 3. Page Star Topology 3 Network Topologies 3. Page 18 3 Network Topologies 3. Keep it as small as possible to avoid interference injection into the electrical star connected OZD Profi 12M … Page Setting Up 4 Setting Up 4.

Page 20 4 Setting Up 4. Page 21 4 Setting Up 4. Page 22 4 Setting Up 4. It is recommended to use fiber optic cables for bus installations which are outside of buildings. Page 24 4 Setting Up 4. Short: o. Install the device in a location where the climatic threshold values specified in the technical data are adhered to. Page 31 4 Setting Up 4. Page Help With Problems 5 Help with problems 5. Page 36 5 Help with problems 5. Page Troubleshooting 5 Help with problems 5.

Page Systematic Troubleshooting 5 Help with problems 5.


OZD PROFI 12M G12 Profibus Fiber Interface



OZD PROFI 12M G12-1300 PRO


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