Chord Diagrams These are the chord voicings healr I use for most of the chords in the song. Your high-resolution PDF file will be ready to download in 8 available keys. Verse 1 We are hiklsong, we are bodies Empires of dirt and grace Silhouettes and reflections Caught in His holy flame Pre-Chorus Beneath our skin a new creation The night is done, our chains are broken The time has come, the wait is over The King is here and His name is Jesus Chorus This is love Bending skies to heal the broken This is love Bleeding life into the grave Hear the sound As our hearts cry out forever Singing hallelujah, breathing in a brand new world Verse 2 We are shadows and portraits Empires of light and clay Images of our Maker Sinners called out as saints Bridge No eye has seen, no ear has heard No mind has conceived what heaven holds But here and now, let earth be found With all our crowns upon your Name. Be Still Hillsong Worship.

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Psalm —5 Praise is born in eyes that see the bigness and goodness of God. Yet there is One far bigger and far more important standing beyond ourselves. His name is God. Because of our tendency to get wrapped up in us, we need to daily invite our souls back to the bigness and goodness of our Creator and Redeemer.

My soul will never find lasting rest or rescue or satisfaction in me. It needs to look to something — to Someone — more able, more loving, more true, and more full. Our souls need God. And when our souls are filled with him and all his benefits, they overflow in worship. Big Enough to Forgive You One sin is no small thing. Absolutely any offense against the holiness and love of God deserves death. God is no good to us if he is not perfect in all his ways and just in all his judgments.

He must deal with any denial of or insult to himself. No one is able to remedy their own rebellion against him because all stand condemned before him. But God has proven that his love, power, and justice are bigger than our sin.

Through Christ, he is able to forgive and conquer all of our iniquity — every rebel thought or fear or deed. He redeems us from the pit, restoring undeserving us to himself. Big Enough to Heal You God has made our bodies weak and fragile mediums for life. They each last for a very, very short window in history, and decay slowly day by day.

Injuries slow some. Chronic pain or disease plagues others. Old age creeps. Everything about us is broken because of sin, and we need to be made new. This God is big enough to heal all your diseases. No condition is too severe for him, no symptoms too extreme, no diagnosis too grave. The healings he performed in the Bible were to demonstrate his power.

He can make whole in an instant, and he will — perhaps for a time in this life, but without question in the one to come. We serve a great, mighty, kind, and compassionate healer. For all of us who love him as Lord and Savior, and value him as their greatest Treasure, he has healed our sinful hearts, and he promises one day to give us new bodies, ones that will never be sick or broken or disabled again.

Big Enough to Satisfy You But this God is not just about canceling our sin, defeating death for us, and renewing our bodies. No, he is big enough and good enough to fill the God-sized hole in our desires. Nothing in this world can fulfill us like him, and he wants to see us really, really happy in him. He satisfies us with good, and he is the greatest, sweetest, best good he can give us. When our souls are prone to forget all that he is for us now in Jesus, we need to remember again all of his benefits.

And as we see him big and good in all those benefits — nothing is impossible for the One who works for us — we can rest in and worship our Healer and Redeemer. Scripture Psalm "1 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!

By his wounds you have been healed.


Healer Chords by Hillsongs

Download Lyrics and Chords. Join the growing community now! United States Change Country. Thank you for all of this, i am a part of worship team in our church and a beginner in using guitar and i love worshipping God also.


Healer (Choral)


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