It is populated by around adolescents and children, who live on the campus when not on a mission to help the police. No-one in the world knows where CHERUB campus is situated except its employees, members and certain police and high level members of the British government. After several years of operation it took in a trial group of girls, which proved successful. The dojo was built on behalf of a successful operation that took place in Japan and the new mission preparation building was built by the chairman of the first 6 novels, Dr.

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I really do love the Cherub books! Even though I always feel guilty reading them with them being aimed at boys from the age of twelve, and I being an eighteen year old girl and all! I thought there was no way that Guardian Angel is the second book in the Aramov series by Robert Muchamore. I thought there was no way that Muchamore could have a follow on series almost ten years after the first book and it still be as good. I was proven wrong. PR is as good if not better than the original Cherub series and I was, yet again, not disappointed with the latest installment.

Guardian Angel follows on directly from the previous book. Unlike before when James had a different mission in each book, Ryan is still trying to get to the bottom of the Aramov Clan mission. Muchamore continues the same story but keeps the reader interested by telling it in a different way. The story here is, again, very compelling. We get a better insight into the Aramov Clan itself, and we meet almost all the key members. This book is part of what will be a trilogy, and I think that if the last book is as good as the first two, it will really be an excellent trilogy!

The first book is like an introduction to the mission. We meet all the main character and get to know them, while at the same time there is another story being told about a girl called Ning. Then, near the end both stories intertwine and we realize that the mission Ryan is on is a whole lot bigger than anyone expected. Guardian Angel then carries on the same mission but it really gets into the mission in depth.

This book is an excellent read and I would definitely recommend it to teenager, boys and girls. The reader is always engaged with the plot. There really is never a dull moment. I think these books are great because they suit a wide range of ages, they are extremely well written and even though the premise of the story is that there is a secret agency of children spies, I think the story is quite realistic.

There are no fictional monsters or magic and the story involves real global problems like drug trafficking or it even touches very subtly on the sex trafficking too. I think they are just really great books and I insist you go out and read them no matter what age you are!


Guardian Angel



Robert Muchamore


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