It is common for an analysis to involve a procedure run separately for groups within a dataset or for a list of variables. Output from this kind of repetitive analysis can be difficult to navigate scrolling through the output window. Writing SAS output to. We will use the hsb2 dataset in the examples.

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Example 6. Enhancing Titles text-string s is one or more strings up to characters. You must enclose text strings in single or double quotation marks. The text appears exactly as you type it in the statement, including uppercase and lowercase characters and blanks.

A trailing x identifies a string as a hexadecimal value. The value of n indicates the position of the variable in the BY statement. BY-variable-name names the BY variable. Variable-name is not case sensitive. Featured in: Example 7. A BY variable name displayed in a title, note, or footnote is always in uppercase. Values of 1, 2 and 3 underline with an increasingly thicker line. Underlines follow the text baseline.

Underlines do not break up to follow rotated characters. Featured in: Example 6. They are global and remain in effect until you cancel them or until you end your SAS session.

Skipping a number in the sequence leaves a blank line. You can use as many text strings and options as you want, but place the options before the text strings they modify. See Using Multiple Options.


How can I generate pdf and html files for my SAS output? | SAS FAQ

While you might never need to find inflection points, this post shows you how to run PROC SGPLOT, create smooth curves by using penalized B-splines, change the default threshold for disabling antialiasing, use ODS OUTPUT to create an output data set from PROC SGPLOT, process it, rename variables without necessarily knowing the precise original names, create an additional data set to plot, merge the two data sets, create a plot from the merged data, and display drop lines and reference lines using the values of variables. Code that does all the math is provided, and the graphical lessons from this post do not depend on understanding the math. The following graph shows two functions and their three inflection points. The following statement sets the antialiasing maximum to 10,


How can I graph two or more groups using different symbols? Topics include data groupings; creating. Provensallast modified on Sep 02, The colors used for the subgrouped bars come from the active style template. However, in an overlay plot scenario, especially where you want separate legend boxes or you want to organize your legends differently from the default treatment, you can provide names for your plot statements and then later use those names to create multiple legends.


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