Murders of men! Let us take counsel against it. I will tell him too that this was all stories, and that there is not a word of truth in what we chattered. But if he will be cross and hold me to it, then tell me some other plan; or hast thou any plan? He will know how to help me out of it, for that will be best for me in the end. Then Gisli went up to Thorkel and said: "Does aught ail thee, brother, that thou art so silent?

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Controversy breaks out when one of the men, Thorgrim, refuses to complete the pact because he does not want any involvement with Vestein. Thorgrim claims that taking on Vestein as a brother is taking on more trouble than he can handle. The scene ends with the men storming off from one another and the blood oath incomplete. Gisli, with some investigation of his own, concludes that Thorgrim is responsible for the death of Vestein. Gisli enters the house and stabs Thorgrim with the same spear that Thorgrim supposedly used to kill Vestein.

Thordis then tells her new husband that she believes Gisli is responsible for the death of her first husband.

In addition, she tells Bork that he must kill Gisli in order to get revenge for the murder of his brother and she will marry him. Gisli, throughout the saga, is confronted with dreams of an evil woman and a good woman. These women play a crucial role in his daily life and the dreams seem to reveal the intentions of the women.

These women are his sister, Thordis, and his wife, Aud. Gisli then flees his home, just before Bork and his men arrive and harass his wife and daughter. Cursed by the sorcerer, Gisli runs from the gang of men that is after him and is almost captured on numerous occasions. When Gisli finds out that his enemies know where he stays he decides to act like the halfwit, who occasionally sits on the lawn, in order to escape from his pursuers.

Another great escape is when Gisli decides to hide in a cave near his home and is one day discovered by one of the men. Surprisingly, Thordis feels guilty for encouraging Bork to kill her brother after she learns Gisli is dead. Cast and characters[ edit ].


The Gisla Saga: an Icelandic Tale of Love, Family, and Revenge

They decide, being such close friends and having such strong inter-marital relations, to make themselves blood brothers with a binding oath. Yet at the last moment, Thorgrim retracts his loyalty to Venstein and thereby, Gisli breaks his obligation to Thorgrim. Ever the loyal wife, Aud warns Gisli of what transpired, and when Venstein returns home to Iceland from a trip abroad, Gisli tries to keep him away to no avail. In the middle of the night, Venstein is slaughtered by an unknown foe. Gisli, once again, takes it upon himself to get revenge for his friend and brother, and through haunting dreams, firmly believes it was Thorgrim who committed the act.


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Only two other manuscripts contain this version. The parts set in Iceland are substantially similar. However, there is little hard evidence to support this. The thrall lays a curse against the family on this sword in the longer version. Gisli and his elder brother Thorkel develop a strained relationship over whether to support Bard, a man seducing their elder sister Thordis. Gisli and Thorkel retaliate by exterminating the perpetrators.


The Saga of Gisli the Outlaw


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