The book can be read in one sitting, a small price to pay for the Fountain of Youth. Share its secret of lasting youth and rejuvenation: five ancient rites, easy to perform, yet powerful enough to change your life forever. An exciting, mystical, and unforgettable book, unlike any you have ever read. Ancient secret of the fountain of youth.

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The book can be read in one sitting, a small price to pay for the Fountain of Youth. Share its secret of lasting youth and rejuvenation: five ancient rites, easy to perform, yet powerful enough to change your life forever. An exciting, mystical, and unforgettable book, unlike any you have ever read. Ancient secret of the fountain of youth. Medicine, Tibetan. Kelder, Peter. Eyeof revelation. K36 In some cases these opinions may be contrary to those of the medical profession, and may be based on experiences which are not representative of the results that can be expected by others.

The reader should not attempt self-diagnosis of any kind, and should not start any exercise program, dietary regimen, or self-treatment of any kind without the supervision of a competent medical practitioner. The publisher, its editors and its employees disclaim any liability, loss or risk incurred directly or indirectly as a result of the use and application of any of the contents of this book. All rights reserved.

You should read it only if you can accept the preposterous notion that aging can be reversed. You should read it only if you dare believe that the "Fountain of Youth" does truly exist. If you stubbornly cling to the prevailing idea that such things are impossible, reading this book will be a waste of your time.

If, on the other hand, you can accept that the "impossible" is really within your grasp, then you are in store for rewards in abundance. For thousands of years these seem- ingly magical rites were shrouded in secrecy in remote Himalayan monasteries. The five rites were first brought to the attention of the Western world in the original edi- tion of Mr. Since that time,the book and its extraordinary wealth of information have been largely lost and forgotten.

The pur- pose of this new, revised edition is to bring Mr. It is impossible to say whether Mr. But the validity of his message is beyond question. My own experience, as well as letters and notes from readers throughout the world, proves to my complete satisfaction that the five rites do really work!

I cannot promise that the rites will erase 50 years from your age, transform you overnight, or make you live to But I do know that they can help anyone to look and feel years younger, and to gain a greater sense of well-being.

If you perform the rites daily, you should begin to notice results in 30 days or less. If the five rites really work, the big question is how? It is interesting to note that Mr. Kirlian photography, which shows the body sur- rounded by an invisible electrical field or "aura," does indeed suggest that we are "fed" by some form of energy that permeates the universe.

It is also true that the Kirlian aura of a young, healthy person is different from that of a n aging, unhealthy person. For thousands of years Eastern mystics have main- tained that the body has seven principal energy centers corresponding to the seven endocrine glands. The hor- mones produced by these glands regulate all of our bodily functions. Medical research has recently uncovered con- vincing evidence that even the aging process is hormone regulated.

It appears that the pituitary gland begins producing a "death hormone" at the onset of puberty. This "death hormone" apparently interferes with the abil- ity of cells to utilize beneficial hormones, such as growth hormone. As a result, our cells and organs gradually deteriorate, and finally die. In other words, the aging proc- ess takes its toll. Kelder maintains, perhaps as a consequence hormonal imbalance is nor- malized also.

This could make it possible for our cells to replicate and prosper as they did when we were very young. We could indeed see and feel ourselves growing "younger" day by day.

You may agree or disagree with this point of view. And as you read this book you will find many more points to agree or disagree with. There is only one way to find out whether the five rites will work for you, and that is to try them. As with any reward, benefits will come only as a result of your effort. You must be willing to invest a small amount of time and energy to perform the five rites on a daily basis.

Fortunately, most people find the daily routine of performing the five rites not only easy, but also enjoyable. As you read this book and begin putting the five rites to work for yourself, please keep two things in mind. First, know that you are a wonderfully special person who can see beyond the limited thoughts and opinions of others.

Second, know that you deserve to have your most cherished desires fulfilled, even the desire for renewed youth and vitality. When you hold yourself in high esteem, and when you know that you are worthy of the very best that life can offer, what you are really doing is loving yourself. Self- love enables you to feel good about who and what you are, and this greatly speeds the renewal process.

Those who dislike themselves or see themselves as in- adequate carry a burden that can only accelerate the ravages of old age and ill health. Those who enrich themselves with the treasure of self-lovemake all things possible. Appearing to be in his late sixties, he was gray and balding, his shoulders drooped, and he leaned on a cane as he walked.

Little did I know that from that moment, the whole course of my life would change forever. It turned out that the old man was a retired British Army officer, who had also served in the diplomatic corps for the Crown. As a result, he had traveled at one time or another to virtually every corner of the globe. And Colonel Bradford, as I shall call him- though it is not his real name-held me spellbound with highly entertaining stories of his adventures.

When we parted, we agreed to meet again, and before long, a close friendship had developed between us. Fre- quently, we got together at his place or mine for discus- sions and conversation that lasted late into the night.

On one of these occasions, it became clear to me that there was something of importance that Colonel Brad- ford wanted to talk about, but for some reason he was reluctant to do so. I attempted to tactfully put him at ease, assuring him that if he wanted to tell me what was on his mind, I would keep it in strict confidence.

Slowly at first, and then with increasing trust, he began to talk. While stationed in India some years ago, Colonel Brad- ford had from time to time come in contact with wander- ing natives from remote regions of the interior, and he had heard many fascinating stories of their life and customs.

One strange tale that particularly caught his interest was repeated quite a number of times, and always by the natives of a particular district. Those from other districts seemed never to have heard of it. It concerned a group of Lamas, or Tibetan priests who, according to the story, knew the secret of the "Fountain of Youth.

And while they made no effort to conceal it, their monastery was so remote and isolated, they were virtually cut off from the outside world. This monastery and its "Fountain of Youth had become something of a legend to the natives who spoke of it.

They told stories of old men who mysteriously regained health, strength, and vigor after finding and entering the monastery. But no one seemed to know the exact location of this strange and marvelous place.

Like so many other men, Colonel Bradford had become old at the age of 40, and since then had not been grow- ing any younger. The more he heard of this miraculous "Fountain of Youth," the more he became convinced that such a place actually existed.

He began to gather infor- mation on directions, the character of the country, the climate, and other data that might help him locate the spot. And once his investigation had begun, the Colonel became increasingly obsessed with a desire to find this "Fountain of Youth.

And Colonel Bradford asked me if I would join him in the search. Normally, I would be the first to be skeptical of such an unlikely story. But the Colonel was completely sincere. And the more he told me of this "Fountain of Youth," the more I became convinced that it could be true.

But as I began to take practical matters into consideration, I finally sided with reason and decided against it. As soon as Colonel Bradford had left, I began to doubt whether I had made the right decision.

Perhaps we should all simply resign ourselves to growing old gracefully, and not ask more from life than others expect. Yet in the back of my mind the haunting possibility remained: a "Fountain of Youth. For his sake, I hoped that the Colonel might find it. I quickly opened and read a message that appeared to have been written in joyous desperation.

The Colonel said that in spite of frustrating delays and setbacks, he believed that he was actually on the verge of finding "The Fountain of Youth. Many more months passed before I heard from him again. When a second letter finally arrived, my hands almost trembled as I opened it. The news was better than I could possibly have hoped. Not only had the Colonel found "The Fountain of Youth," he was bringing it back to the states with him, and would arrive sometime within the next two months.

Four years had elapsed since I had last seen my old friend. And I began to wonder how he might have changed in that period of time. Had this "Fountain of Youth" enabled him to stop the clock on advancing age? Would he look as he did when I last saw him, or would he appear to be only one year older instead of four?

Eventually the opportunity to answer these questions arrived. While I was at home alone one evening,the house phone rang unexpectedly. When I answered, the door- man announced, "Colonel Bradford is here to see you. But to my disappointment I saw before me not Colonel Bradford, but another much younger man.

Do I need to introduce myself?


Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

Available Immediately Legend has it that hidden in the remote reaches of the Himalayan mountains lies a secret that would have saved Ponce de Leon from years of fruitless searching. There, generations of Tibetan monks have passed down a series of exercises with mystical, age-reversing properties. Taking just minutes a day to perform, the benefits for practitioners have included increased energy, weight loss, better memory, new hair growth, pain relief, better digestion, and just feeling younger. Driven by a seemingly irrational wish, an aging British Army officer embarks upon an adventure of discovery that leads to forbidden Tibet — an ancient land obscured by centuries of isolation; a land of wonder, where miraculous feats are a part of everyday life.



It was the year in Southern California. A young gentleman named Peter Kelder was taking a leisurely stroll, when a sudden shower broke out. He ran for cover to a nearby Travelers Club. There, randomly, he sat at the table of a retired British army officer, known as Colonel Bradford. The Colonel was a wrinkled, stooping man in his late sixties, drained of physical energy, unable to walk without the help of a strong cane. Of all of his topics, Colonel Bradford preferred to talk about India. In particular, one story attracted him more than any other


The Fountain of Youth – The Secret Tibetan Exercises




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