The companion website for this book is at drawingforce. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Drawing Human Anatomy Mike Mattesi. Works best if at least somewhat familiar with anatomy. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Where did the concept come from? Mike Mattesi: My personal love of film, comics and entertainment inspired me to draw excitement and drama! FORCE evolved from a combination of many things starting with my mentors—they shaped my thoughts and skills and taught me to see and think about the world around me.

I created a system for it and experimented across many classes until it all worked. AM: What type of drawing skills would benefit a 3D animator? MM: I think of drawing as a language, a way of seeing and thinking about the world, and I believe this serves everyone! Drawing FORCES creates an opportunity to understand and plan the actions of characters to generate great performances.

It allows you to see these actions in abstract terms instead of getting mired in the details. AM: Do you have any tips for building those skills? MM: Become an observer of life and study it, be curious about it—the physics of the world combined with the drama of human existence.

Why do we do the things we do and act the way we do? Discover the answers and use them in your work. AM: What is the most common misconception people have about drawing? How can they overcome it? MM: Most people think they do not have the talent to draw. Anyone can draw! First try blind drawing: draw while looking at your subject, not the paper, and align your eyes, mind, and hand. Be patient, take your time, and do not worry about the outcome of the drawing but instead the exercise of tying the prior three elements together into one.

In time, you will learn to see, then you can look back at the page. The first step is training your mind to accept what you can see with your eyes. I also worked on many advertisements, TV show openings, and video games…lots of video games. Not to mention, three of my own businesses and five books.

Curious to see what the next ten years hold. Have you heard about our workshops? Designed for artists of all levels, from beginning storyboarders, to intermediate modelers, to advanced animators, our workshops offer new skills for everyone!


FORCE Drawing Books

He has taught FORCE Drawing to thousands of artists at the top entertainment companies in the world and to individual artists at home. Explore our site to learn what drawing with FORCE is all about and get started with a membership or a one-on-one art mentorship! This leads you to drawing from reference and from your imagination with great skill and comprehension. You can learn at your own pace, access hundreds of online drawing tutorials and model packs, and you can choose the level of commitment that works best for your schedule and budget. No matter what skill level you start with, our online drawing classes are designed to help you improve your skills. Some enroll to improve their drawing skills as their personal hobby.


Force: Character Design from Life Drawing


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