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Use Use Cleaning : Unpl ug this v ideo p rodu ct from Do not disassemble Nev er at te mpt t o cha nge o r tak e apa rt t he ca me ra. D o not u se th e camera when it has been dropped or th Th e bat ter y is not ch arge d at ship - ment. Charge t he bat ter y b efore use. Ke ep Perchl orate M ater ial —spe cial h and ling m ay ap ply. In this manual , both xD -Pictu Date and time 1 2 Can I set the clock to local time when I travel? Memor y capacit y 1 06 Is there a quick and easy way to take snapshots?

B mode 14 How can I avoid blurred pic tures? Dual IS mode 1 6 How can I make good p or traits? Intelligen t F ace Dete Single-f rame playback 40 How do I delete the current picture?

The b button 19 Can I selec t other pic tures for deletion? Deleting pic tures 4 3 Can I zoom in on pic tures during playback? Playback z FujiFilm FEXR - page 15 1 Introduct ion Sym bols a nd C onv ention s Sy mbols and Conv entions The following symbols ar e used in this m anual : 3 Caution : This inf ormation s hould be re ad before use t o en sur e corr ec t operation.

Menus a Ch arge the battery b efor e use. Batteries The c amera uses an NP r echargeable bat tery. F ailure t o obser ve this pre- caution cou When no memory card is inserted , a appears in the monit or and inte rnal memory is used for rec ording and pla yback. Note tha t because camera Holding the memory card in the orien tation shown below , slide it all the wa y in.

F ailure to obser ve this precaution could damage the card. The lens will extend and the len s cov er will open. Press the shutter but ton halfw Set up the camera as described below for in format ion on resetting the clock or chang ing langu ages, see page 8 4. Pres s the G but ton t o turn the camera on. Rotat e the mo de dial t o B. Check the battery level in the displ ay. Pos ition the main s ubjec t in the focus frame and use the zoom c ontr ol to frame the pic - ture in the d ispla y.

By default, the camera uses optical z oom only. If desired, digi tal zoom pg. The c amera speaker ,? Smoothly pr ess the shutter button the rest of the way do wn to tak e the pic ture. Pressing the shut ter button half way q set s focus and exp osure; to shoot, press the shutter but ton the rest of the way down w. When ta king impor tant pho tograph s, take a t est shot and check the res ults. The most recent picture wil l be displa yed in the monit or.

FujiFilm FEXR - page 34 20 g Intelligent F ace Detec tion and Red- Ey e Remo val Int elligen t F ace Detection allows the camera to a utoma tically det ec t huma n faces and set focus and exposure f or a face anywhere in the frame for sho ts that emph asiz e por trait subject s.

Choose for grou p por traits in ver tical or horiz ontal orien tation s to pr even t the ca Pres s the shutter button all the way down t o shoot.

Pr ess the shutter button halfway to set fo- cus and exposure. If the camera is unable to focus using aut ofocus, use focus lo ck pg. Se e page 8 4 for information on dis FujiFilm FEXR - page 39 25 More on P hotography d Exp os ure C omp en sa tio n Use exposur e com pensation when phot o graphing v er y brigh t, ver y dark, or high-contrast subjects.

The exp os ure ind icat or will be di spla yed. Pres s the selec tor button. F is di splayed in macro mode. U se the zoom con trol t o com pose pic tures. T o exit macro mode, pres s the selec tor left F. Macro mode can al so Fla sh output and sen sitivity are adju sted to en sur e that the m ain su bjec t Pr ess the shutter button halfway to focus. At s low shutter speeds, k w i l l a p p e a r i n t h e dis play t o warn tha t pic tur es may be blurr ed; use of a tripod is r ecommended.

Pr ess the shutter butt The self-ti mer is a vailable in a ll shooting modes. The curren t se FujiFilm FEXR - page 45 31 More on P hotography The self-timer l amp on the fron t of the camera wil l blink immedia tely befor e the picture is tak en. If the two -sec - ond timer is selected, the self-ti mer lamp wi ll blink a s the timer c ounts down.

Intelligent F ace Detection Bec ause it ensu res that the faces of por trait subje ct s will be in focus, Intelligent F T h i s mode is rec ommended in most situa tions. O O EXR EXR T o let the camera autom atical ly opti- mize settings for y our curre nt su bjec t, or to i mpro ve cla rit y , reduce noi se, or enha nce dynam ic range, r ota te the mode dia l to O and follo w If desi red, exposur e can be alter ed from the value suggest ed by the camera.

Shutter speed and aper tur e will be dis played. When the picture is zoomed in, the selector can be used to view ar eas of the im age not curre ntly visi ble in the di splay. Navigation window s hows por tion of image curr ently FujiFilm FEXR - page 57 43 More on P layback A Deleting Pictures The ER ASE option in the pl ayback men u can be used to delete stil l pictures and movies, incre asi ng the amoun t of space a vailable on the me mor y card or in in t ernal memory for inf ormation on deleti ng pictures in sing le- frame playback, see page 1 9.

N ote that del eted p ictu res can not be re The color and brig Connect yellow pl Note tha t depending on the print er , not all the functions described below may be supported. Connecting the Camera C onn ec ting t The pic tures in the curr en Before pr oceeding, install F inePixViewer as descri bed b elow. Do NO T connect the camer a to t he computer un til inst allation is c omplete.

Insta lli ng FinePix Log in to a n acc ount with ad mini strator privileges befor e proceeding. S t ore the in staller CD in a d r y location out of dir ec t sun ligh t in case you need to r FujiFilm FEXR - page 72 58 Viewing Pic tures on a Computer 1 If the pic tures you wi sh t o copy a re stor ed on a memor y car d, insert the card in to the camera p g.

If a memor y c ard c ontaining a large num- ber of images is inser ted, there may be a delay before FinePixViewer s tar ts an d FinePixViewer may be un - able to impor t or sa Choos e higher values w hen the subj ec t is poo rly lit. If AU TO or an option su ch Large pictures can be prin ted at lar ge siz es with no drop in q uality; small pic - tures require less m emor y , allowing more pic tures to be rec orded.

If no operations ar e per formed for 1 0 s, the mon When a movie is di spla yed, movie playb ack w ill be gin automati cal U se this option t o displa y pictures in the corr ec t orienta tion in the monit or.

The fol- lowing option s are a vailable. YES CA Remov e prot ec tion from pictures before recording voic e memos pg. T o play the voice memo, press the selec tor down. T o pause, pr ess the selec tor down again; t o end playback , press the selec tor up. V ol Press the g button to z oom in on the selec ted fac e. Choose how long pictures are display ed af ter s hooting pg. New pictures are T o cancel d igital zoom, z oom out to the min imum dig ital zoom position and select j.

If a me mor y card is in serted in the came ra, c will b e displayed in the dia - log shown at righ t and thi s op - tion will f ormat the memory card.


Fujifilm Finepix F200 EXR Review

The F10 was met with widespread critical acclaim and became a hit seller for Fujifilm. Lacking aperture and shutter speed priority modes, the F10 was mostly a point and shoot camera. Other criticisms included the proprietary dongle needed to make any connections to the camera and a relatively high level of purple fringing. It also had a slightly improved LCD screen and a few other minor improvements to the F Although there is definite noise in pictures taken at ISO, they are often usable, and the F30 was seen as another leap forward in low-light abilities for a compact camera.


Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR Manual / User Guide Download PDF

The FEXR is essentially three kinds of camera in one, offering three selectable modes in one sensor. One mode captures the highest resolution possible, another the lowest noise, and the third the most dynamic range. The FEXR also reinstates creative exposure modes in the form of aperture-priority and full manual, making it more appealing to the keen shutterbug. With dimensions of The Fujifilm Finepix FEXR is a little more tricky to hold than it really should be, with your right thumb naturally positioned on the new round Mode Dial on the back of the camera, and no handgrip at all on the front. Your right forefinger is then free to operate the shutter button and the tactile zoom lever, which surrounds the shutter button. Thankfully, despite the smooth all-plastic body, the camera is not too slippy when gripping it.


FinePix F200EXR の取扱説明書・マニュアル



Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR Manuals


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