For more demanding applications, the Versadac recorder provides a back of panel solution with almost unlimited capacity. Both allow alarm and discrete input logging, communications with other devices, results available in the data record, electronic signatures and batch data recording. Please refer to the Installation sheet or User Guide for wiring instructions. Crystal clear, colour display The 3. Views include: Horizontal and vertical trends; Horizontal and vertical bar graphs; Numeric; Alarm panel, Alarm status, and control loops. The unit also provides user wiring from the front of the product for detailed configuration without the need to connect to a PC.

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Eurotherm 2116i User Manual

It has a modular hardware construction with the option of two control outputs,one alarm relay and a communications module. The hardware is configurable for heating, cooling or alarms. The e is fully configurable on-site Eurotherm e Series Controller and Programmer The e controller belongs to the e series of controllers and programmers that are quite versatile. You can configure this unit on-site. You can configure it for cooling, heating, or alarms. Digital communications assist in connection DeviceNetTM communications and Modbus and similar industry standard protocols make connection to data logging and supervisory control systems quite easy.


2116/2132 – Manuel utilisateur


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