Aragore It is not much of a stretch to hypothesize that, just as Hebrew [23] maps to three dimensions, Enochian maps to four dimensions. Westcott derived Earth Chess Board. A voice, probably Michael [name of speaker was in the section torn out]: John Dee and Some Spirits Immediately, Enochiam is told to divide the circle into 40 parts, and the instructions for creating the Seal commence. Dee kept close records of their intensive work. I would fain procede according to the matter at hand. An expanded facsimile edition of Casaubon was published by Magickal Childe in [7].

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John Dee and Edward Kelly. Beginning in , the Elizabethan Magician and his seer continued to uncover the Enochian system over a period of seven years. The two men accumulated a great quantity of work, including an entire language with its own unique alphabet and syntax.

The structure of the Enochian system was based upon a cipher and permutations of elements arranged on a grid of letters the Tablets. From these were derived the names of various elemental powers, Angels, beings and spiritual dominions known as Aethyrs. Incorporated into the Golden Dawn curriculum years later, the Enochian system of Magic is recognized as an important feature of modern Western Ceremonial Magic.

The Enochian system has been a part of the Golden Dawn curriculum since the outlines of the initiation rituals were first set down in the Cipher Manuscript.

Divine Enochian names, as well as the Watchtower Tablets from which they were taken, are introduced to the student in the grades from Zelator through Portal. However, the Enochian system is not studied by the student in depth until he or she enters the Second Order.

In addition to these four, there is another smaller Tablet, which is called the Tablet of Union, referring to the fifth Element of Ether or Spirit. All Tablets are signed on the back by Chic and Tabatha Cicero.


I. Introduction

These are not Enochian in derivation, but are modern in origin, based on my own personal work; and are based on related formulae that were commonly employed during the era when John Dee received the Enochian system. You are welcome to view them and work with them as you see fit. These tablets are given in the Hebrew alphabet. They are designed to work with the Hebrew font that I have found most generally useful over the years. Without this font, the tablets are pretty worthless, and are border-line unreadable.


List of Enochian angels

John Dee and Edward Kelly, the secrets that were lost with the patriarch of the Bible known as Enoch were returned to those who thirst for the knowledge of Light. Dee kept close records of their intensive work. These documents are to be found at the British Museum in London. One of the most important breakthroughs in the rediscovery of these lost secrets was an entirely new language. This language contained its own grammar and syntax.

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