Two irresistible boys. One unforgettable summer. She loves wakeboarding and hanging with her friends—including the two hotties next door. Lori plans to make Sean jealous by spending time with Adam. Adam has plans of his own for Lori. As the air heats up, so does this love triangle.

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Shelves: read-in , ya , romance When browsing my local bookstore the other day I came across Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols, I literally had to do a double take as my bookstore never stocks books by Jennifer Echols, I picked the book up and went straight to the tills, no way was I passing this missed opportunity, who knew when theyd have some more books by Echols in? But also because the blurb sounded quite similar to The Summer I turned pretty series a series I held really close to my heart.

Whereas Adam is sweet, can be a little impulsive at times but is also more of a friend to Lori. Lori starts by trying to get Sean to notice her anyway possible; innocently swanning around in her bikini and trouncing the boys in wakeboarding.

But Sean still remains as clueless as ever, the only attention she seems to be getting is from the wrong Vader brother; Adam. So Lori comes up with an ingenious plan to pretend to hook up with Adam to make Sean jealous. What follows is a comical ploy full of disaster, mistaken identity and endless fun.

I know Lori and Adam hated being away from each other, but pretending to date other people again? It just created a lot of misunderstandings which were fun at times but also unnecessary.

I think this was my only real issue with the book, other than that it was a great read, but may be not as good as the first book. Jennifer Echols is one of many authors that I have discovered only this year. Her writing has a way of keeping you easily riveted and leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling after finishing her book.

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Endless Summer

Starcrossed February 26, - first novel in the Stargazer series Playing Dirty October 29, - second novel in the Stargazer series April 10, , Echols announced on her Livejournal that she has sold three more YA romantic comedies to Simon Pulse. These novels will not be a part of the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedy series. Instead, they will be a trilogy focused on high school students who have won superlative awards. In her November 10, , blog post, Echols also mentioned a desire to write more novels for the Levitating Las Vegas and Stargazer series as well as more young adult dramas but said future contracts depend entirely on the sales of her novels. In February Echols noted on her Twitter account and Livejournal blog that she was starting to work on proposals for the possible sequels in the Levitating Las Vegas and Stargazer series as well as a new young adult drama as Dirty Little Secret is the last that she has scheduled.


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