Akinozragore For Nietzsche himself, eternal recurrence is the decisive counter-idea to the concept of becoming. And to the question of how the concept of evil arose he replied as follows:. Kaufmann, for instance, treated Nietzsche as the consummator of great philosophy after Descartes indeed after Aristotleintending to depict him as carrying on asaltoo Enlightenment traditions. For the lukacw of the species — this returns us to the sphere of Becoming — is, firstly, a historical process and, secondly, as historical content, the uninterrupted conflict between two human types, two races, namely masters and slaves.

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Marx criticizes Social Darwinism with annihilating acuteness in the letter to Kugelmann, Kaufmann, for instance, treated Nietzsche as the consummator of lukscs philosophy after Descartes indeed after Aristotleintending to depict him as carrying on the Enlightenment traditions. And thus — the world also lacks the power of eternal innovation.

And as the class struggle intensified and one illusion crumbled after another, it expanded into an intellectual anticipation of the imperialist phase in capitalist evolution. In The Will to Power we read: Nor is it the same as ordered and purposeful artisan labour in the Middle Ages, as contrasted by the young Carlyle with the division of labour and an age of anarchy.

From Schopenhauer, however, Nietzsche took over the razonn of the methodological coherence in his intellectual structure, merely modifying and extending it to suit the age and the ssalto. Thus in the last resort, it boils down to the same method arzon the ordinary apologists, out of a narrow optimism about capitalist evolution, are commending Darwin, or whether Nietzsche, as a result of the scepticism we have just indicated, is rejecting and attacking him.

It now grows quite clear how Nietzsche carried on the irrationalist tradition in comparison to Schopenhauer and Kierkegaard. The Destruction of Reason by Georg Lukacs As you see, by wit I mean caution, patience, cunning, dissimulation, great self-control and everything under the heading of mimicry [87] which covers a large part of so-called virtue. There is one further point to consider as well. On historical materialism in FeuerbachBerlinp. Of course we can find many latecomers — especially in literature and art — for whose work this thesis by no means holds good we need only to mention Dickens and Keller, Courbet and Daumier.

With regard therefore to the philosophy of human behaviour ethics, psychology and social philosophy always coalesce in Nietzschehe harked back to the epoch paving the way for bourgeois ascendancy, to the Renaissance, Aasalto classicism and the Enlightenment.

To perceive his standing in this field, one has only to compare him with his contemporary, Eduard von Hartmann. El asalto a la — Free Download PDF A real history, of course, did not exist for Nietzsche any more than for Schopenhauer, yet his apologetics of aggressive imperialism take the form of a mythicizing of history.

Nietzsche himself roundly condemned all systems: The polemics of bourgeois science and philosophy were increasingly directed against the new enemy, socialism. Nietzsche uses this English term. Some very essential features of a real bourgeois-revolutionary transformation were lacking in Germany and Italy to say nothing of Austria and Hungaryand there still existed very many relics of feudal absolutism, but from now on it was only thinkable that these could be liquidated through a revolution led by the proletariat.

Nietzsche to Baron von Gersdorff, Behind all these noble breeds there is no mistaking the beast of prey, the magnificent blond beast in greedy search of spoils and conquest Everything to nip in the bud even the first requirement — through the most irresponsible thoughtlessness, we have killed outright the instincts enabling the worker to exist as a class, enabling the worker himself to exist.

Voltaire, whose work formed a great focal point for the mobilization of all the progressive forces of his age, was — according to Nietzsche — to become the spiritual head of the anti-revolutionary brigade.

And, on the other hand, those who were acting as the spokes men for collective capitalist interests were equally able to declare themselves for this commonalty with a certain subjectively sincere, and relatively justified, pathos. El Asalto a la Razon la Trayerctoria Del Irracionalismo Desde Schelling Hast Hilter In not only the imperialist period but also in the years immediately preceding it, the ideological needs of the bourgeoisie underwent a change.

On the one hand, we have an atheism truly materialist in character and based primarily on the development of natural asaltp. But this called for a liberation of the instincts before all else. And hence its content embraced every area of human life and thought; it extended from the most general questions of philosophy and epistemology to the fields of ethics and aesthetics.

It cannot possibly be regarded as a matter of chance or youthful whim that he wanted to be involved in the war of ; nor that, since a Basle professor could not enlist as a soldier, he at least took part as a volunteer nurse. DCH PDF This indicates not only his ignorance of the most important philosophers, which even Jaspers concedes, but at the same time — and far more importantly — the coarser, intellectually inferior nature of irrationalism in imperialist times. The Heraclitean concept of becoming he interprets in exactly the same con text.

This alone enabled him to comprehend and define prevailing tendencies because, lacking any understanding of capitalist economics, he was solely capable of observing, describing and expressing the symptoms of the superstructure. I want to give egotism a clear conscience.

The abstract generalizing — which, as regards facts, often distorted the problems — had its own social justification too, since it was a reflection of actual class conditions, albeit one that never attained to proper consciousness. Thus Nietzsche was by no means original in his epistemology either; his treatment of individual problems is entirely on the general level of Machism. The object of his endeavours went even beyond his referring in general to biological usefulness for the species, rather than merely for the individual.

We do not need direct quotation to show that lhkacs Nietzsche, from first to last, was trying to make the idea of human equality intellectually contemptible and to wipe it out: The road indicated by Nietzsche never departed from the decadence proliferating in the intellectual and emotional life of this class.

It took on actual significance only after the conquest of decadence had become a central problem for the mature Nietzsche.

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