Your training density is the work you can do in a given period time. If you perform 15 sets of 20 push-ups in 10 minutes, your training density for that particular movement in a minute timeframe would be reps. In other words, it is defined as the multiplication of amount of sets and the number of reps completed in a given time period. In this training program the goal is to perform as many reps as possible of a specific body part in a specific time period, using antagonistic exercises, which work opposing muscle groups. The concept of EDT is very simple — organize exercises, sets, and reps in such a manner that you can perform a maximum amount of work in set amount of time period around 15 to 20 mins.

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The goal is to perform as many reps as possible in a given timeframe, using antagonistic exercises, which work opposing muscle groups. Choose two antagonistic exercises — such as a pull and a press movement. Front squat and hamstring curl are one example, or bicep curls and tricep press.

Choose a weight that is your 10RM 10 Rep Max for the exercises. Start a stopwatch or timer for 15 minutes. Perform 5 reps of each movement, in an alternating fashion Rest as long as needed and repeat, letting the number of reps drop as you fatigue sets of 4, then 3, etc.

The goal is to perform as many reps of both exercises as possible in the 15 minutes. When finished write down the total number of reps, so you can beat that number next time. What sort of exercise should I use with EDT? EDT is supposed to utilize antagonistic exercises — a push and a pull for example. It can also be used to build strength but not in an optimal fashion, in our opinion , and gives a fat burning effect by virtue of the pace and total number of reps being performed.

Can you use a single exercise with this instead of two antagonistic exercises? No, you cannot. Part of the magic is the antagonistic exercises. Please heed this advice. How does the EDT technique work?

EDT implements the magic formula for hypertrophy, or training muscles to be big rather than just strong. Secondly, you can base your entire workout around this method, by utilizing multiple PR Zones, such as one for upper body and one for lower body.

What equipment do I need for the EDT technique? The essential gear is a clock, stopwatch, or timer. Simply set the round length setting to 15 minutes and the rest length to 0 secs, then click Start.


EDT – Escalating Density Training

What you need to focus on is the total workload performed per session. EDT requires that you pair antagonist exercises so you can trick the body into recovering faster. As you begin to fatigue, allow your reps to drop to sets of 4, 3, 2, and perhaps even singles toward the end of the minute period. The total workload you perform is what really matters, not how you arrived at it. Training works in much the same way. How you accumulate that training load is another question entirely.


The Ultimate Escalating Density Training (EDT)

The system covers the spectrum of his thoughts and training philosophies and I had to promise my firstborn just to get a glimpse. Though still a work in progress, I was able to get Coach Staley to share a portion of Q2 with T-mag readers. In fact, after my first "EDT" lat and triceps workout, I asked my doctor if he would install a permanent morphine drip in my arm, but apparently there are legal complications to prescribing controlled substances for DOMS. Muscle is in fact a biological system, and it grows or atrophies in direct proportion to the amount of work it is forced to do. Of course, all training systems approach this reality by suggesting an endless array of often conflicting recommendations regarding exercise selection, number of reps and sets, length of rest periods, and so on. One system says 3 sets of 10; another says one set to failure.


Modified EDT Program For Serious Strength Increases!

In ognuno di questi periodi, chiamati "zone PR", vengono svolti 2 esercizi per un totale di 4 o 6 esercizi per sessione. Questa operazione viene attuata utilizzando un diario di allenamento. Viene fatto un esempio dove si inizia con serie da 6 ripetizioni e recuperi molto brevi. Come riferimento, Staley sostiene che un buon risultato sia quello di raggiungere circa ripetizioni totali in una sola zona PR per entrambi gli esercizi scelti [4].


Escalating Density Training

In addition, I wanted to modify the EDT program for people that simply wanted to get stronger without getting bigger. The program worked well and I had tons of clients putting on size and increasing strength like never before. Regardless, I knew that EDT could be tweaked more for even greater strength increases. Well, I did just that and my modified EDT program with kettlebells is working extremely well. What Is EDT?

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