Nitaur The current sensor connected in series with the switch wil sense the current output and is connected to the ADC input of the same dsPIC. Hopefully you got things working yourself in the meantime! Should I use input capture to trigger the ADC at the rising edge?. If the prescaler is set to a higher value, that will scale down the frequency, but if you leave it set to dpic March 4, at 9: January 12, at Can you give us any simple example around it? Dsic you can either just hover the mouse pointer over the variable and its current value will be displayed, or you can add the variable to the watch window so that its value is displayed all the time.

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Negor The PICkit 2 applicationwhich can also be downloaded free of charge from microchip. Would it be relevant if I create an example program where the phase shift is controlled by an analog cspic on e. The board supports the use of the internal, on chip OpAmps. At zero volts it means that it is dark and at 2 volts it means that the light is at its maximum point. Doing it like ddspic will never be accurate though. Reference Manual Download All. February 28, at 2: You will hear our news soon!!

I would like to ask you why you filter the voltage from pin 23 and not from both 18 and 23 and why do you send it to AN1? Thanks for letting me know. There are a couple of things about the PWM module that seem unnecessarily complicated to me. This is the approach that I use and that I recommend to others.

Could you help me? February 4, at 5: Best of luck getting it finished! June 12, at 8: What amplitude and frequency are they? Buy from the Microchip Store. Without some kind of feedback, the only thing you can do is turn the motor on for a specific length of time and hope ot moves about degrees.

June 11, at 2: Your Help is highly appreciated Thanks in advance. February 27, at 2: Dear sir, could you please explain the method to set duty cycle registers for pwm? If so, there are a couple of ways to do it: Let me know how you get on. I tried with that. June 27, at 9: Sorry about the delay. June 21, at October 31, dspid 4: If so, I can probably create sdpic very simple example program which will show you how to start at least.

Hello Ted, thanks again for your help. I want the ADC to sample and convert just once at the rising edge of the gate pulse. Please let me if you can help me. Do you know how to do that? The register TMR2 will be counting up from 0 to its maximum value in steps of 1. Most 10 Related.



So I guess that something in this breadboard goes wrong. June 12, at 3: The code you posted was able to turn the servo. March 10, at 2: Hi Hara, This is a bizarre and interesting problem! I have checked all the supplies and all the connections,nothing wrong.


dsPIC 30F4011

Voodoolrajas Your Help is highly appreciated. And please answer me where did Espic do a mistake. Hi Ted, your example around an LED blinking was very useful. Hello Mr Ted, Thanks for your reply. Thank you so much, You are the great man. April 25, at 2: As in the chip is destroyed and cannot be used again?? Hello Ted, I was thinking if you have any signal processing example with dspic, for example a simple filter without the dspicFD tool.



Faujinn I just realised I never got back to you after you responded with additional details. So if you could send me this addon will be great! April 20, at 9: I read that this servo is often used for remote controlled aircraft. It should take less than 2. However, having experienced persistent problems after upgrading from version 8.

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