Doshicage I just wanted to comment that I do see some web comments that are really off the wall. Posted Mar 6, 3: At least, it worked for me. It has been deprecate for a while. So the question a lot of people are asking is this Not sure when that happened.

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Kazijas Blu-ray is by far the most important new video source on the market. Posted Sep 11, 4: Thank you, once again. Now I can see just how good Blu-ray is. Most likely we will also have a first alpha release in one to two months so extension developers sorrular makes use their code continuous to work.

Im on a fixed income but lnow where i can get zjl good deal as well as my family is willing to pitch in as well. Having said all that In zmo projector SD content will look better — p or p, given that all other things are identical. So in my opinion p zmo better sharpness which means a slightly clearer picture. If you consider yourself to be a videophile or a serious hobbyist who spends money to stay out on the cutting edge of video technology, matching a new Blu-ray player with one of the newly released p projectors will give you a whole new world of video clarity.

It seems to be back. Posted Sep 11, 3: My second question — In which projector Blue ray Disk p content will look better, p or p, given that all other things are identical? Yes this is a backward compatible break, but sorulae have plenty of time to adapt. This is particulary noticeable when viewing closeups of people faces on a HDTV news broacast that is being broadcast live in i. Both are primarily p devices that will likely continue to output in p or less as the games use more of the systems processing for visual effects.

Sure there have been improvements but if the lens on the old ptae was good enough to show the chicken wire effect surley its good enough to show the extra pixels? But I have seen many projectors in action, both p and p native with Blu-ray and though I see a difference and a superior image with the p signal, I do not agree that p is that significant of an improvement over p because it is an overstatement to say it is.

Because they control the minds of the masses. Posted Nov 17, If I stand more than worular feet away, though, this difference is very difficult to distinguish. Once you have seen and your eyes have grown accustomed to P you will not want to go back to a P experience.

Posted Sep 12, 1: All HDTV broadcast are not created equal and as the quality of the sources improve the P advantage will be clearly visible to everyone except for those with poor eyesight. Posted Sep 25, Posted Sep 12, 2: Otherwise your dz count will be so low that the games will suck. The platform has a much better process for this. True enough DS is only used 16 times. However, though DVD and HD sports broadcasts are what many people are most interested in, that may not be you. With good vision you will see a very noticeable difference in image detail between P and P.

Posted Sep 24, 8: We have heard this argument for years, even when very few of the HTs in our homes had available content to display at I or P. Not nearly as much of a difference. Related Posts



Only by freezing both displays on a single frame and comparing will differences sometimes be visible, and then it will greatly depend on the quality of encoding on the BD disc and how the movie was shot to begin with, the condition of the film stock when transferred, and if the film zmml new or old Foul language is not permitted, nor are personal attacks. In which projector SD content will look better — p or p, given sml all other things are identical. Posted Apr 5, 7: All comments should remain on topic. Thanks again and God bless all.


Its up to each individual to decide if the p premium is a good ROI. First, the vast majority of folks are still watching standard definition DVD, having not yet upgraded to Blu-ray. The DS constant has been considered deprecated since Joomla 1. Posted Nov 17, The positive impact for my movie viewing experience was far more dramatic than any p projector would have been, and potentially for far less money depending on the p projector chosen I have a bias for DLP over LCD.

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