In order to fulfill our God-given purpose we For anyone who has ever questioned why they are here and what their purpose is, this book will definitely help you begin the process of self-reflection and examination to point you in the right direction. Finding Your Chazown Session 1. This book stems from a two-message series that he gave; its premise is the bedrock for all teaching and ministry at LifeChurch. Christian Living Spiritual Growth. If you read cdaig book with thoughtfulness and intent, you will learn about yourself and find ways to lead a more fulfilling life. He also spouts off tons of cliches, that while packaged sometimes uniquely, are still cliches.

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Shelves: business-and-leadership , spiritual-formation Sometimes, I am overly critical and curmudgeony against mega-churches and their pastors but I like Craig Groeschel a lot. And I really like this book, Chazown, a lot, but I got problems with the title.

So while this is generally a pretty positive review, the next paragraph is a little cranky. If youre avoiding negativity in your life, you might want to skip it and pick up this review in paragraph three. As Sometimes, I am overly critical and curmudgeony against mega-churches and their pastors but I like Craig Groeschel a lot.

In the accompanying website chazown. The answer: marketing. All right, rant over. Groeschel helps people cast a vision for becoming all that God made them and take steps to walk into it. He begins in part 1 to get people to envision of where they want their life to end up writing your epitaph. In part 3 he talks about the convergence of these three areas and how they reveal where God may be calling you. While I have a theological objection to placing God as another spoke in the wheel of our dreams God is the center, the axle and the wheel itself , I like how holistic Groeschel is in his approach.

In part 5, Groschel talks about the need for accountability. I have finished the book, but plan to reread sections and go back and complete several of the exercises. As someone who has worked in college ministry, I think that this would be particularly helpful in that context. Thank you to Waterbrook Multnomah for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for this fair and honest review albeit cranky in places. Craig Groeschels Chazown is based on the verse found in Proverbs Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Who among us does not want to know whether or not we are living Gods vision for our lives? In a Biblically-based, reader-friendly format, Mr. Groeschel walks the readers through the Chazown: pronounced khaw-zone from the Hebrew, meaning a dream, revelation or vision.

The book is divided into five sections and within those sections, each chapter contains the wisdom and direction the reader needs to walk the journey of discovering their vision. The readers will find Key Thoughts that will motivate them to think how the truths in the preceding paragraphs might apply to them. At the end of each of the five sections are exercises designed to challenge the readers to pray and think about the questions posed by Mr.

The readers are encouraged to participate even further by writing down what God shares with them during the exercise. This book is revolutionary. Chazown is a book that that will become a permanent part of your library because you will want to read it…and read again every year or so.

It is that good. This book was provided free of charge from Waterbrook Multnomah Press.


Chazown: A Different Way to See Your Life

As much as I have enjoyed Craig in the past, response to Chazown is bipolar. Part I loved, some I hated. I LovedThat Craig included a section about setting a vision for our finances. I wish I had read it 30 years ago.


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