Osho beautifully and poetically explains the real meaning of courage in this book. At another instance in this book, he says the courage is risking the known for the unknown, the familiar for the unfamiliar and the comfortable for the uncomfortable. But only the gamblers know what life is! Osho defines and explains the meaning of real courage When the new door knocks on your door, open it! Osho explains why it is important to accept the unknown and ways to do it.

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Apr 26, Robert Geer rated it it was amazing Recommended to Robert by: Osho Churches, religions, organized sects-they teach you to pray. But in fact they hinder you from praying because prayer is a spontaneous phenomenon, it cannot be taught.

If you have been taught a prayer in your childhood, you have been prevented from a beautiful experience that could have happened. Pg 71 If you talk to a rose, which is more alive than any stone image, which is more divine than any stone image If you talk to a tree, which is more deeply rooted in God than any cross because no Churches, religions, organized sects-they teach you to pray. A tree is alive, with roots deep into the earth, branches high into the sky, connected with the whole, with the rays of the sun, with the stars- talk to the trees!

That can be a contact point with the divine. Pg 74 It is your fear that makes you a slave - it is your fear. When you are fearless you are no longer a slave; in fact, it is your fear that forces you to make others slaves before they can try to make a slave out of you. Pg 6 The whole are for the new humanity will consist in the secret of listening to the heart consciously, alertly, attentively.

And follow it, go wherever it takes you. Yes, sometimes it will take you into dangers- but remember, those dangers are needed to make you ripe. Sometimes it will take you astray- but remember again, those goings astray are part of growth. Many times you will fall- rise up again, because this is how one gathers strength, by falling and rising again.

This is how one becomes integrated. No imposed rule can ever be right- because rules are invented by people who want to rule you! Yes, sometimes there have been great enlightened people in the world, too- a Buddha, a Jesus, a Krishna, A Mohammed. They have NOT given rules to the world- they have given their love. But sooner or later the disciples gather together and start making codes of conduct.

Once the Master is gone, once the light is gone and they are in deep darkness, they start groping for certain rules to follow, because now the light in which they could have seen is no longer there. Now they will have to depend on rules. Never be an imitator, be always original. Pg 10 The Ten Commandments- so simple! But life goes on changing continuously. After three thousand years, how can he give you the same commandments? He will have to invent something new.

But my own understanding is this: whenever commandments are given, they create difficulties for people because by the time they are given they already out of date. Life moves so fast; it is a dynamism, it is not static. It is not a stagnant pool, it is a Ganges, it goes on flowing. It is never the same for two consecutive moments.

So one thing may be right this moment and may not be right the next. Pg 13 Existence precedes thinking. So existence is not a state of mind, it is a state beyond. To be, not to think, is the way to know the fundamental. Science means thinking, philosophy means thinking, theology means thinking. Religiousness does not mean thinking.

The religious approach is a nonthinking approach. It is more intimate, it brings you closer to reality. Pg 17 Thinking can think only about the known- it can chew the already chewed. Thinking can never be original. How can you think about the unknown? At the most, thinking can create new combinations. You can think about a horse who flies in the sky, who is made of gold, but nothing is new.

You know birds who fly in the sky, you know gold, you know horses; you combine the three together. So thinking goes in a circle, goes on knowing the known again and again. It goes on chewing the chewed. Thinking is never original. Pg 18 Science is the murderer of mystery.

With so many religious people, the world is so irreligious- how is this miracle happening? Everybody is religious and the total is irreligiousness. The religion is false. People have "cultivated" trust. Trust has become a belief, not an experience.

If you cannot trust it is better to doubt, because through doubt, someday or other the possibility of trust will arise. You cannot live with doubt eternally. Doubt is disease; it is an illness. In doubt you never feel fulfilled; in doubt you will always tremble; in doubt you will always remain in anguish and divided and indecisive. Now that belief has entered into your bones and your blood, but it remains a belief- you have not known.

And unless you know you cannot be liberated. Knowledge liberates, only knowing liberates. All beliefs are borrowed; others have given them to you, they are not your flowerings. And how can a borrowed thing lead you toward the real, the absolutely real? Pg 25 So remember, there is a great difference between trust and belief.

Trust is personal; belief is social. Trust you have to grow in; belief you can remain in, whatsoever you are, and belief can be imposed on you. Drop beliefs. The fear will be there- because if you drop belief, doubt arises. Each belief is forcing doubt into hiding somewhere, repressing doubt. Trust cannot be "cultivated"- and never try to cultivate it; that is what has been done by the whole of humanity.

Cultivated trust becomes belief. Go deeper into your being, to the very source of your being, and discover it. Pg 26 A man of little trust can only doubt a little. A man of no trust can only pretend that he doubts. Pg 27 When I say the word trust I mean the eyes of the heart. And when I say doubt I mean the legs of your intellect. Pg 31 In a better world, every family will learn from children.

You are in such a hurry to teach them. Nobody seems to learn from them, and they have much to teach you. And you have nothing to teach them. Pg 49 Mind thinks it is mad. Mind thinks it is not rational to leave the old. But God is always the new. We cannot say "God was," we cannot say "God will be. Pg 55 Courage is not the absence of fear, says Osho. It is, rather, the total presence of fear, with the courage to face it. In the process, Osho proposes that whenever we are faced with uncertainty and change in our lives, it is actually a cause for celebration.

Instead of trying to hang on to the familiar and the known, we can learn to enjoy these situations as opportunities for adventure and for deepening our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.


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