Tent Reviews Elite 4, 6, and 8 Models The Coleman Weathermaster Tent is a top rated, 3 room, screened cabin tent for 4, 6, or 8 people. Weathermaster Tents by Coleman are one of the best selling family cabin tents --and for good reason. These shelters offer a screened room for both lounging and camping equipment storage, plenty of headroom, and enough square footage to spread out comfortably. Coleman Weathermaster Tents Reviews and Ratings With three models Coleman Weathermaster Elite 4, 6, and 8 , this camping tent series can comfortably sleep people. If you need a cabin tent for a weekend in the woods, the Elite Weathermaster series is perfect for your family.

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The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 is perfect if you are an adventurous and really outgoing person who has a passion for camping and outdoor activities this tent is a really great fit for you. If you are wanting something that is strong and durable and will be a great long-term investment. This tent will absolutely stand the test of time and its quality and durability will definitely not disappoint. This Coleman tent is really targeted towards families.

Even though it is very spacious the size really feels ideal for a family. View on Amazon. Some who needs or likes a little extra space when they are camping is absolutely going to love this tent. I was able to fit 3, yes 3 regular mattresses in the tent along with the other camping gear and equipment and still nothing was touching the walls.

The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 comes with a hinged door. I was a little bit skeptical if this feature was just a marketing ploy by Coleman. I had never personally had a hinged door on a tent before this one. The door is really study and well built.

To be frank the door is brilliant for walking in and out even when carrying something heavy and bulky. Even younger children should have no problem getting in and out by themselves with this door. You will love it especially if you are used to some of the lower tier tents somewhat flimsy doors that often get stuck.

The set up was super easy. I know some other people have negative thoughts when it comes to setting the tent up alone. I was able to set it up alone in about 1 hour but I would be confident with 2 people it would only take approximately 20 minutes for the same job. When you really think about what other 10 man tents can be set up solo, there very few intend. Airflow in some tents can be a problem and in hot weather it is especially noticeable. In this tent the airflow is fairly good, the whole roof is screened and the tent also has big windows on each side which greatly help particularly when the rainfly is up.

One of the negatives of the Coleman WeatherMaster 10 is that is comes with metal stakes and plastic ones for the rainfly. The quality of the stakes is really sub par. I am sure they could easy bend and break if under any significant pressure just like mine did. But I would definitely recommend purchasing some sturdier and higher quality stakes.

If you are unsure you would even need them I would suggest testing out the ones that are provided when you get the tent. Then you can decide if they are something you think is needed for your trips.


Coleman WeatherMaster 6, 8, 10 Person Tents Review (April 2020)

Brown Pros Room divider which allows you to split the big compartment into two rooms is an impressive thing when two families camp together. Hinged Door provides easy access to enter or exit the tent without causing any sort of trouble. The tent offers huge space which means you will never run out of space. Cons Setting up the tent takes some time. You need help from your partner while you pitch the tent. Rainy season can be a cause in ruining your camping experience.


Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Review – Is it Any Good?

Thanks to the exclusive pin-and-ring design and InstaClip attachments, the tent is easy to get erected. The poles and sleeves are color-coded too, which helps you to know which part goes where. If you do happen to get confused then you can always take a glance at the instructions sewn into the carry bag. You can watch the video below for a better look at how the tent goes together. Around the poles you will find a polyester taffeta 75D with mm PU coating. With that said, this is a tall tent that is not meant for heavy storms.

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