NLP specialist, trained in hypnosis and numerous therapies, she delivers her experience and knowledge through her books and interventions in France and other countries. The author regularly gives internships and conferences abroad, and her books have been translated into English, Russian, German, Czech, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese Who am I? Topics addressed at a conference Internships With a specific work objective in the field of personal development or communication, internships and workshops run by Christel Petitcollin, are available to groups for variable lengths of time. What happens in an internship?

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You CAN learn how to say no. Even if they go through relationship hell, some people are afraid of cchristel bored in healthy, peaceful relationships. And finally, by learning communication techniques that will allow you to practice calm self-affirmation.

The violent one is always the other, because when it comes to our own violence, it seems clearly justified. How does one prevent or defuse the spiral of aggression? Everyone talks about it, everybody complains, but no-one feels directly targeted. Rudeness, incivility, individualism, lack of consideration, contempt, aggressiveness, insults and violence are the components of this lack of respect.

But talking about money is still difficult, embarrassing or shameful in many situations. Finally, there are very simple and practical techniques that exist to chrisgel your life and clear that backlog of waiting tasks. For others, less common, life is simple and fun, full of joy, success and sharing. You extensively commented my book. Compulsive overspending is the neighbor of bulimia. Understanding how it works, realising that violence is never an answer or a solution but always a destructive spiral and long term escalation, will allow everyone to act at his own level to reverse the trend.

Then by conquering your irrational fears of rejection or retaliation What are its roots? I have never received so many pteitcollin about one of my books! But when we repress and deny our emotions, they take over and negatively control our lives. However, much of this stress is totally artificial and could easily be avoided. They go through a constant rollercoaster of emotions, switching between exaltation and anxiety. These are questions that everyone is asking and to which there ARE answers.

Fortunately, there ARE solutions! Violence is regrettably a theme that is still relevant today. Related Posts


Je pense trop



Christel Petitcollin – Je pense trop: canaliser la pensée arborescente


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