You can access the menus and change settings to your preference. Register a Canon product or view manial info. Select the correct video input. Or, you attempted to print from a memory card that contains a large number of images. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

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Users can pay for Canon to re-configure the camera to shoot in 50i and 25f. Every two of the 48 fields are captured at precisely the same moment in time providing an image capture in camera without the need of any additional internal cooling devices for the CCDs. Much of the technology is being kept under wraps, and the manufacturer of the CCDs is being kept secret. A modification is available from a Canon Authorised Service Centre to make a single unit capable of both sets of systems, allowing users to switch "personality" through an on-screen menu selection.

The kit lens includes an iris ring and a more sensitive zoom. The H1S and H1A also have a stronger headphone jack. They are no longer made out of plastic, but metal, making them less prone to breaking. The form factor of the cameras is a close successor to the Canon GL2, with the newer HDV models being slightly larger and heavier. The cameras are marketed towards independent and documentary filmmakers, and for broadcasters and journalists for electronic news gathering.

The Canon XH A1 has been used in a variety of applications in broadcast, on-line, and theatrical productions. These settings allow the operator to develop a look for the production within the camera. To preserve compatibility with existing interlaced equipment, i composite video is always available via either a BNC connector , or a 3. Video shot in DV "F" mode is recorded to tape in interlaced format. Canon also includes its image stabilization technology on the camera, the same technology used in many of their Single-lens reflex camera lenses.

The lens body has three rings affecting focus, zoom and aperture; however these rings do not manually drive the lens. Instead, sensors measure the movement of the rings and electronically drive the lens through built-in motors allowing for smoother operation and more feedback telling the user exactly what focal range, aperture f-number and zoom number the lens is set to.

Features[ edit ] Part of their high-end, " prosumer " range, notable features include zebra patterning , colour gain, phase and sharpness. It has a 2. It has a fixed fluorite zoom lens and records to MiniDV cassettes. Its operating weight, when batteries and tapes are included, is under four pounds. First, The CCD was improved to allow more accurate edge-to-edge imaging[ clarification needed ].

While this was entirely in the overscan area of broadcast television, the improvement is visible in conversions to film and in video distributed on the web. The GL2 also introduced features for digital effects and colour bars in-camera, as well as 1.

When held in the hands, the Canon DV is a sturdy camcorder that imparts a heavy feeling of ruggedness. It was replaced by the Optura MC, which has a nearly identical exterior appearance. It also features manual adjustment for brightness, audio volume, exposure, white balance and has several built-in digital effects, including nine fades and nine video effects. The MVXi also has the ability to take still pictures that can be saved to an SD memory card, and can record video in long and short play.

The audio system is a PCM digital stereo and can capture in 16 or 12 bits. The terminal features sockets for headphones, external microphones, analogue-in, direct print, AV and S-video, and the video is captured to a computer via either Firewire or USB.

It has an accessory shoe on the top and takes a Li-ion battery. One of its features is an optional aspect ratio of DV can be recorded in both and formats. Announced January 30, , it is the first consumer-grade camcorder to shoot p In PAL regions, it can record in native 25p mode and as such does not require the same pull-down removal techniques that the NTSC edition does.

It was announced in January and went on sale in March In the NTSC version, it is the first consumer-grade camcorder to shoot p30 video in addition to PF24 24fps mode that was pioneered by its predecessor, the HV The HV30 has since been replaced by the model, the HV The NTSC-region camera shoots in three modes: the standard 60i interlaced video, 24p film-like video with pulldown, and 30p PsF -style video.

The PAL version does not record 30p or 24p. It was announced in January Its hardware is similar to the popular HV The size of the hard disk drive is 40 GB.





Canon VIXIA HF10 Manuals


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