Le traitement est plus simple que dans le cancer. Ceci pendant 42 jours. Ceux-ci ne contiennent plus aucune vitamine. Il existe actuellement Y a-t-il joie plus grande?

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Le traitement est plus simple que dans le cancer. Ceci pendant 42 jours. Ceux-ci ne contiennent plus aucune vitamine.

Il existe actuellement Y a-t-il joie plus grande? Michel Lafon. Merci de revenir nous voir Boire une tasse par jour. Robert Nagourney. He is an oncologist who has received nationwide recognition for his innovative chemo techniques. Hope this helps.

Feel free to e-mail me personally if you want more information. The letter is written by a Swiss astrophysicist. When given not much hope in he researched, visited Robbie and came up with a daily regime. We called Professor K. Letter is dated June 1, Dear Dr.

Nagourney For your information and your statistics records I would like to give you an update with respect to the development of my health condition.

As you may recall I got in touch with you after a dissection of lymph nodes under my left arm that was performed in December by Dr. Beito at Group Health in Seattle. All lymph nodes showed melanoma. An investigation of tissue at your lab showed that a combination of BCN and Actinomycin D might provide the basis of a promising chemotherapy. In addition to this treatment I was given specific advice by Dr. Alschuler from Bastyr Natural Health University in Seattle to read every book that might contain useful information.

Finally I arrived at the following battle strategy that was mainly based on your advice, advice from Dr. Alschuler and numerous books that I found: I. Avoid eating or drinking anything that could weaken the liver or cause damage to other organs that may play a crucial role for the immune system.

For this reason I quit drinking alcohol and eating meat except chicken and fish. Eat lots of salad and fruit, from organic food stores only. Take high and regular doses of vitamins multivitamin , minerals and antioxidants, including 5 grams of vitamin C per day.

Take regular doses of vegetable enzymes before and during the time of chemotherapy treatment. Stop taking vitamins during the time intervals from two days before until two days after getting chemotherapy drugs. Furthermore, during these four days you should double the doses of enzymes. It appears that the idea is to avoid weakening the effects of the chemotherapy.

Prior to initiating chemotherapy do not eat anything, except apples, for a period of two weeks. This juice is called Breuss juice, named after Rudolf Breuss who tried to find the best vegetable juice against cancer diseases.

Drink a juice that contains apple, orange and grapefruit. Let me refer to the latter as citrus juice. Drink as much Breuss juice and citrus juice as you like, but drink at least I liter of Breuss juice per day and make sure that there is at least I hour time difference between drinking a citrus juice and a Breuss juice. It appears that the most important ingredient of the Breuss juice is the red beet root. In addition to the juices you should drink green tea sweetened with honey. Continue drinking the Breuss juice, green tea with honey and taking vitamins for as long as you live.

Unfortunately, I do not know for sure what helped the most. However, I think that the chemotherapy was a critical part of the strategy.

I kept precise records of all information that seemed important to me, including blood counts. The only solid proof of benefit I could find concerns the Breuss juice. At two occasions I did not take the Breuss juice for periods of about a week.

In both cases my blood counts dropped dramatically. This did not happen at any other occasion. For this reason I am quite convinced that the Breuss juice has an enormously positive effect on my immune system. In fact my oncologist in Switzerland once said that it is hard to believe that a person with my chemotherapy can have such good blood counts.

Indeed I never felt any negative side effects due to chemotherapy. As far as I can tell my health condition is excellent. There are no signs of the disease I had. Last Fall a lady from Texas called me up and told me that her daughter had cancer and that she had heard about my therapy from a friend.

However, I described all the steps to her, that I had taken, in detail. Her daughter was dismissed from Hospital at the end of , because the doctors had lost all hope and expected that she would die after a short time. As a last attempt she exactly followed my battle plan. The surprising result was that there is no sign of cancer anymore.

Furthermore, she feels excellent again. I think that your method of identifying the effects of drugs prior to using them can be of great value for anybody who suffers from cancer.

Furthermore, people should be aware of the possibilities to improve their health condition using natural health therapies to enhance the effects of chemotherapy and avoid negative side effects. Best regards, Professor K.


Cancer leucemie

Dor Nu se fierbe infuziese lasa 10 minute in apa calda, se strecoara, apoi peste zat se mai pune apa si se fierbe. Biciclist accidentat grav pe Bulevardul Muncii. Poate fi consumat in orice cantitate. Cartoful nu este obligatoriu, dar e foarte important in cazul cancerului de ficat.


Cure de Breuss

Ceaiuri in timpul postului: Ceai de salvie - pentru gargara se prepara cu apa calda, nu se fierbe doar infuzie , deoarece contine uleiurile eterice necesare gargarei. Pentru baut se fierbe 3 minute, nici mai mult nici mai putin, pentru ca astfel se elibereaza enzima necesara ganglionilor si maduvei spinarii. Nu se fierbe infuzie , se lasa 10 minute in apa calda, se strecoara, apoi peste zat se mai pune apa si se fierbe. Apoi se strecoara si se amesteca cu cealalta tura. Se consuma pe durata a 3 saptamani, fara a se depasi aceasta perioada. Ceai de napraznic infuzie - obligatoriu in orice forma de cancer, mai ales dupa iradieri.


La Cure Breuss





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