By Neil C. Garcia There is something malicious about this question—asked as it has been on various occasions by both scholars and wags, whose interest in the subject ranges from the blatantly political to the facetiously absurd. Apparently, a Filipino academic had delivered a paper in a conference in Malaysia a decade or two ago, and before an audience of Rizalists from the region, had bravely proposed such a quaint and unthinkable thing! But far from being quaint or unthinkable, the idea that Rizal could have been a homosexual merits, I think, a braver and slightly more serious examination, though we must admit it is one which necessarily proceeds, even under the best of circumstances, out of a kind of scholarly malice—a malice that is inescapable, for it is the malice of presuming that such a question could have been intelligible or relevant to Rizal at all. First, Rizal was a bakla because he was afraid of committing himself to the revolutionary cause.

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Jeremy Ian A. Jose P. Rizal, national hero and martyr, and of his important works particularly the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo and their impact to Filipino sense of nationalism and the relevance of his ideas and thoughts to present times. Course Objectives At the end of the course, each student is expectedto; 1. Understand the life, works and writings of Rizal particularly his moral and intellectual legacies to the Filipino youth, 2.

Gain insight and inspiration from the experiences of Rizal as a son, student, patriot and nationalist. Finally, be imbibed with the spirit of nationalism and patriotism toward a Filipino sense of national identity. Course Requirements This course will seriously require students for critical analyses towardargumentations and discussions during classes, which will greatly rely on lectures, readings and studies printed in professional journals.

Class participation and lectures composed mainly of the readings and issues during class will significantly figure out each meeting. Objective and modified quizzes will be given at the end of each course division or whenever necessary. Further, each student is required to compose a reflection paper about the selected films scheduled for viewing of nolonger than pages with one-inch margin on all sides, doubled space, using only Times New Roman with no bigger than 12 size font.

At the end of the course, each student is required to submit a position paper that shall asked from them at least pages of critical analysis, argumentation, presentation and justification on their stand whether Rizal is indeed a reformist assimilist or revolutionary separatist in nature as presented in his ideas and thoughts. Course Evaluation.


Bakla Ba Si Rizal

By Neil C. First, Rizal was a bakla because he was afraid of committing himself to the revolutionary cause. They are more likely the end-results of what I can only Words: - Pages: 21 Btcho


Bakla Ba Si Rizal Ni Isagani Cruz

He was claiming that what the people knew was different with what the truth would be, if they are data deciphered thoroughly. One of which is the controversial Josephine Bracken who was said to have bore a child but had a miscarriage in the latter part of her pregnancy, and that rumors had it that the father of the child would probably be not Rizal for he claimed the responsibility of being the father only after he knew Bracken was pregnant. You see, men in the olden times do not really talk of their private lives even if letters are considered highly a two- person conversation. As we know, Rizal is an educated person, a gentleman who knows what and when to say things.

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