There is also a long covered corridor. Inside the tomb are two white marbled graves. The space inside the tomb is limited; not more than ten people can be inside at one time. Ladies are not allowed inside the tomb, but the late Benazir Bhutto , then Prime Minister of Pakistan , was permitted to enter inside by the shrine guardians, when she visited the shrine.

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Faujin So be in garid with the Lord, so that your color may ever be new. Dying is natural, needs no knowledge, yet many are craving and even propagating Naam as an appropriate path to Him instead of serving as art of living.

Ambarsaria Jun 3, I use this as step1 to then go forward to the more important aspect of describing my understanding in a more liberal way without keeping the literals in repetition. Jul 4, Messages: Thirdly in next sabd, Guru Amardas contradicts interpretation of this sabd. Ambarsaria May 20, This makes me to contemplate whether Bhagat Freed is referring to black hair or something else.

Then what is the divine message behind quoting above sloke? For too long and by too many misguided folks. Veers Japjisahib04 and Gyani Jarnail Singh ji thanks for your comments. When I go through the context by contemplating four slokes before this sloke and after, I realized that the subject is not about dust.

Great video Great voice — crystal clear. No, create an account now. Ambarsaria Jun 18, BUT the poetry doesnt break sequence. Instead of using Gurbani to learn to live, how many get enamored with it in old age to die, and reach Him thereafter. Log in or Sign up.

Is gurbani referring to physical death or spiritual death? Yes, my password is: What type of dictate is this? Sahni veer ji, you have hit the nail square on its head. Secondly millions of people are bald — so does this command not apply to them. Gyani Jarnail SinghApr 17, But at the end fraid sixteen ashtpadhi it is written in word sixteen ashtpadhies.

Now the first question comes to my mind, do anyone really slander dust. TOP 10 Related.


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