Press the card gently but firmly down- ward into the slot until the card is completely and squarely seated in the slot. To install the Windows drivers, please follow these steps: Windows 98 Installation 1. After installing the Delta DiO hardware, boot your system and start Windows. During the Windows boot procedure, new hardware will be automatically detected. Choose the Install of "driver from disk provided by hardware manufac- turer," then click OK. It accepts digital audio streams from the active digital input and outgoing software audio devices, mixes them with bit internal resolution and then provides the mixed output to one or more locations.

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Page 2: Introduction Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of the Audiophile Provided are one input and one output for use with external MIDI equipment, such as sound modules and drum machines. During stereo operation, the IN1 jack with white-colored insert is the left audio channel and IN2 with red-colored insert is the right audio channel. Position the Audiophile PCI host card over the target PCI slot and fit the card loosely over it with the card in the upright position.

Press the card gently but firmly downward into the slot until the card is completely and squarely seated in the slot. Page 7: Windows 95 Installation 2. Windows will give you a selection of locations to search.

Power up your computer after physically installing the Audiophile card. Click OK. Page 9 6. Go to the Apple menu Control Panel Sound. By double-clicking on that icon, you will launch the Delta Control Panel software. Page 20 hardware analog stereo pair to one of five stereo sources: 1. Once a master clock source has been selected, its synchronization status is continually monitored and displayed below the master clock radio buttons.

These controls do not apply to the Audiophile Professional Format Advanced Settings Emphasis : The user may choose to indicate or not indicate if pre-emphasis has been applied to the outgoing digital audio signal. Once you have done so, click the Save button. Page Transferring From Dat To Audiophile The example below may at first look long and laborious, but you will find that most of the settings are factory defaults and will rarely need to be modified.

Transferring from DAT to Audiophile 1. Once this assignment is made, you may play the DAT material at any time and verify that it is making it into the Audiophile successfully, by listening to the sound system. This can be done regardless of whether or not your recording software is open. The diagram below shows connection to a MIDI controller keyboard, which is also being used as a sound module.

Possible Cause 1: The Audiophile hardware or software device drivers are not properly installed. See the installation sections of this manual for further information. Possible Cause 2: There is a resource conflict between the Audiophile and another device in your computer.

Possible Cause 3: Some accelerated graphics cards use excessive amounts of system bandwidth, preventing the recording buffer of an audio card from keeping up with demand.


M-Audio Delta DiO 2496 Manual



M-Audio PCI Audio & MIDI Interface Audiophile 2496 Bedienungsanleitung



M-audio Delta Audiophile 2496 Manuals



M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496 Manual


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