Coupled with the important of the other 3 stats above, these races were picked for their bonuses. Of course getting this accepted in most Eberron campaigns becomes an issue. Human- The main core choice. More skill points is always handy as well as the extra feat. Warforged- Initially seen as poor due to lower charisma and one less feat, they get the all important wand sheathe page of Eberron , as well as artificer sub levels RoE and somewhat limited but powerful alter self options.

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Coupled with the important of the other 3 stats above, these races were picked for their bonuses. Of course getting this accepted in most Eberron campaigns becomes an issue.

Human- The main core choice. More skill points is always handy as well as the extra feat. Warforged- Initially seen as poor due to lower charisma and one less feat, they get the all important wand sheathe page of Eberron , as well as artificer sub levels RoE and somewhat limited but powerful alter self options. Almost all the sub levels are worth taking, but I recommend taking craft construct if you take the 4th one.

Homunculus are handy to build items though if you plan on taking craft construct feat, you may want to take the 4th sub lvl , and retain essence has uses like getting xp into your craft reserve for a magical trap. Take this class with otherworldly feat PGtF and you can do some arrow demon action later along with all the other artificer goodies. Metamagic feat selection: For any of these feats you are assumed to be lvl 5 using the Metamagic Item infusion 3rd lvl or 7th lvl errata for Eberron or higher using Metamagic Spell trigger class feature.

You can also use these on your infusions, but only a couple of feats benefit without too much cost due to many spells being touch, as well as the double casting time for spontaneous casters, as well as only 6 levels worth of spells.

Heighten spell- Get through those globes of invulnerability, or whatever else. Quicken spell - As good for artificers as any spellcaster. Quickened buffs allow for some nasty surprises, and not to mention blasting potential. Useful for healing double heal effect as well as damaging, one of the best feats to pick besides quicken.

This combined with reach spell can make for some devastating single attacks, but usually the artificer is not lacking in those. This is useful for both bufficers and blastificers, as you can send out some no save touch spells easily, as well as buffs that are normally touch spells. Extend spell- Has just as many uses by itself, but really a lead in feat for presistent spell. Also can be used on your infusions for longer lasting effect. Persistent spell CArc - Make those personal or fixed range spells permanent on yourself.

Also, have some fun with the party rogue or bard, or any other person with UMD who can use the charge to have a persistable spell of their own.

Energy subsitution CArc - Good for blastificers for changing any wand damage to another type. Use this coupled with energy alteration infusion, and you can give even psions a run for their money. This is mostly a pre-requisite feat for energy admixture though. Energy admixture CArc - For blastificers, this is a nice finisher after twin spell and quicken. Most monsters will resist the common elements like fire, and cold later, but they wont resist a sonic version of these coupled with energy alteration infusion to deal even more sonic, or acid or whatever.

You can also use a mind blank scroll or item each day to avoid hazardous effects of this feat later as it is still counted as daze is an effect to the mind.

Empower and Maximize spell- As useful for anyone else as it is artificers. I hesistate to mention this earlier as the other feats have much more potential i. Though I personally feel this is a bad feat choice with so many others available. Action surge, heroic spirit, etc: Hasten infusion is great, but with the errata to Mark of siberys and the need for free feats, its sometimes a tough call to take these feats. Very useful if you want to keep up with other characters. As well as the skill investment bonus allows you to basically double your use magic device score.

In addition to that, when you get the artifex feat you can activate any wand or staff you created as a swift action. Cull wand essence MoE : This feat while giving more versatility for non-blasting wands by allowing you to blast with it. Especially considering you can make a no save, touch attack wand such as the lesser acid orb wand. Etch schema MoE : One of two ways to get infusions on an item. Which would be quite nice except when you can use Unfettered heroism to do the same without expending a feat.

Improved Homunculus MoE : I generally feel homunculus are a waste combat wise, but this gives them some interesting abilities both inside and out of combat.

The answer generally comes up as "something better. Otherwise, with artificer being so feat tight, not a great choice, not to mention mimicked by Power Surge Infusion. Item creation Besides the ones listed for the artificer consider taking these. Technically an artificer is not a spellcaster, so those with caster lvl needed may not apply such as the first one. Funny things to do is have say revenance on yourself so when you die, you spring back to life and start wailing on them.

The most common use though is things like quickened teleport, or saving yourself from near death with heal spell or whatever else. Eldeen Plantgrafter, elemental grafter, death grafter MoE - The graft line of item creation allows for some interesting new abilities at the cost of some hp or stats.

Toting some golems around is never a bad thing for the artificer. As noted above, this maybe worthwhile to take as a warforged, especially if you took the 4th lvl racial sub level. Effigies are also available via craft construct from Complete Arcane. The interesting thing is you can apply an infinite amount of templates before they turn effigy. Though they lose many benefits of it, the cost is still based off hit dice, hence you can have a feral, greenbound, horrid animal turned effigy as a super grappler.

Extra rings: Basically an epic level stuff, available in pre-epic. Not essential til you can actually afford 4 rings, say 16 or 20th lvl bonus feat. Extroardinary, Legendary, Exceptional Artisan: I usually take these feats in that order. Legendary always helps to reduce some xp useage, and Extroardinary reduces the cost of the more expensive later items made.

Exceptional Artisan can be kind of a wash I feel, due to the nature of dedicated wright constructs who can build for you. Errata note: These feats do NOT stack on each other, no free items for example. Wand mastery: Depending on how much you blast, buff or whatever else, this is a nice feat to take at 8th lvl I feel. Using a 7th lvl wand of lesser acid orb with energy subsitution or energy alteration infusion, is just gravy when you get the full damage now in sonic form or whatever.

I recommend murky eyed and either feeble, shaky, pathetic or inattentive depending on your preference. Murky eyed can generally be overcomed by embrace the wild eternal wand at 6th and persistent spell. A character can then use 2 skill points to become literrate.

Essentially, you use 2 skill points to boost your UMD by 1. Does it make sense? Warforged feats Edit Adamantine body: This is a nice little benefit at lower levels to keep your artificer alive.

Though being mimicked by the warforged charger form MM3 makes it less appealing, still useful for low dex players as it stacks with alter self shapes to provide some insanely high AC.

Improved Damage reduction: Damage reduction, as handy for the artificer as anyone else. Uses your highest base attack -5 hit. Combine this with a bufficer build and persistent fist of stone for 3 slam attacks plus your normal unarmed ones.

Combined with charger form, you can have 4 slam attacks. Jaws of death RoE : You gain a bite attack as a secondary natural weapon, combined with the above, you can now slam 3 times and bite.

That said, it makes no difference for the psionic artificer either as they use charges, not power points. For spells over lvl 4, they were automatically made using the staff rules, though some of them could easily be scrolls or whatever else.

For any wand that you use constantly, like the presistent ones. You may want to consider eternal wand versions of them, page eberron Extend spell: -Creeping cold CD wand: CL 3, gp A very decent single target damage spell which has a nice fire and forget nature to it.

Increase caster level as desired, and heal back ability damage with restoration scrolls or wands. Takes a little longer for others though. Requires fort save through errata. Persistent spell: For any 4th lvl or lower presistent spell, it maybe better to use spell storing infusion and cast metamagic item infusion on it instead to save some money initially.

Combine this with vigor spells or whatever else, and you can do some mean damage. Good for mook clearing. Very very handy. Minor persistable overall. Couple this with vigor wands or whatever else, you can do some pretty mean damage. Enemies get -2 hit and saves. Useful for yourself, and your allies all day. Now, just how would this work when made Persistent? Would you keep cycling through the 4-round cycle? Useful if you have survival skills.

Only people with evasion can really avoid the effects. Blasting combos This is probably the standard blastificer wand combo: Wand of lesser acid orb CL 7, gp , wand master, CL 9, 5d8 acid damage. Total feats used: 8 feats need to be human or strongheart, or drop born of three thunders if DM allows energy substituion, sonic or use energy alteration infusion Wand of Scorching Ray, CL 9, gp , wand mastery CL 11, 3 rays at 4d6 fire damage, or 12d6.

Also note that any application of metamagic doubles the casting time like a sorceror or bard. Great at low levels. Everyone within 20 feet except the wielder must make a DC 14 Reflex save or be blinded for 1d4 rounds. Death Ward: Complete Arcane. Once per day, you are immune to a death spell, death effect, energy drain, or negative energy effect.

Very good for infiltration. Can use a shield without giving up the use an arm. Ectoplasmic: Expanded Psionics Handbook.



DnD 5e - The Artificer Handbook Last Updated: March 17th, Disclaimer I will use the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks, which is simple to understand and easy to read at a glance. Red: Bad, useless options, or options which are extremely situational. Orange: OK options, or useful options that only apply in rare circumstances. Green: Good options. Blue: Fantastic options, often essential to the function of your character. Introduction This guide is for the finalized version of the Artificer class.


Artificer Handbook

Infusions: An artificer is not a spellcaster, but he does have the ability to imbue items with magical infusions. Infusions are neither arcane nor divine; they are drawn from the artificer infusion list see Chapter 5: Magic. They function just like spells and follow all the rules for spells. For example, an infusion can be dispelled, it will not function in an antimagic area, and an artificer must make a Concentration check if injured while imbuing an item with an infusion. An artificer can imbue an item with any infusion from the list without preparing the infusion ahead of time. Unlike a sorcerer or bard , he does not select a subset of the available infusions as his known infusions; he has access to every infusion on the list that is of a level he can use.


Artificer Player's Guide (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

Fegal They were great in 3. Personal weapon augmentation with bane or shocking infusion is great, but so is spell storing infusion. The rest of the stats are handbkok of dump stats, but you will probably need at least some strength handbooj carry armor as well as items til you gain other means of holding them. This one is a must have feat. Identify can be expensive, especially at low levels, however an Appraise check is free, and can at least help you narrow down the field of things that need checking.



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