My program is for serious people trying to build a real business that are willing to roll up their sleeves and work. My results and the results featured in testimonials are in no way typical and there are NO guarantees you will make any money, get any results, or do anything at all. This program is for educational purposes only. You should assume that products, programs or personal recommendations made by me, Armando Montelongo, may result in compensation paid to me by those I recommend. I recommend resources that I use myself, unless it specifically states that I do not use that resource.

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Klaus do you even know who Armando Montelongo is? SteveW January 21st, at am Wow, so this a site to hype Armando and his scam, opps, I mean system?

Very clever the way it links to his site. How much money do you make for helping to rip off these people? Does it matter? You make me sick.

If you want quick money — try robbing the liquor store on the corner and see what path that paves for your future. Maybe it would just be easier if the government just takes my hard earned money that I make by taking risks and following through and gives it to you as a welfare check.

You make America look stupid!! This is amazing…this is about the eigth review site I have entered my comment below on and man this guy is a thief does anyone do any research.. I have sent them numerous emails but no response so far!! My bank is helping me but the charges keep coming third one just hit today! These can be more readily found in lower valued markets.

Most first time millionaires are made through Real Estate. Unreasonable people do cut through the red tape at times. I called the number to cancel within 2 weeks and received a conf.

No credit. I followed the cancelation instructions. I found a way to do with real estate and other secured investments like Tax Liens or even precious metals or oil and gas! Now might be the time. June 6th, at pm I watch the shows and read the blogs and here I am. I am not rich yet but…. And do not try to attack me about money because I am debt free with over k of my own hard earned money in the bank just ready to start.

I am qualified!! If you have an IRA, I am sure you can figure that out. Then there is the guy who flips four houses a month. TCI He has dislexia but good for him if it is true. I do not even know how to spell that but I gave it an educated guess.

I have to say, I am very disapointed that some paying customers are not being treated fairly and hopefully you get your deal worked out where everyone is happy. Haters are just that, haters. And the constitution says they have a right to speek as well.

I have read everything on this site and I really can see why some of you have failed or not succeeded at this time. I do not think I need to say why.

A Vega had good comments about the facts of business. Buy low, sell hi. Oh yah, flippers did not screw up the economy goof ball. Take micro and macro economics at your local community college and see what happened to our economy or just watch the news.

My favorite comment is John D, he just wants to see if this works. Markets are different every where. He rolled into San Antonio on his last tank of gas for a reason. That town is freaken huge.

Huge towns create far more oppertunities. Good luck to everyone. I hope you all succeed and wish you the best in your ventures. Happy flippin!!! Andrew June 12th, at am I attended an Armando Live seminar earlier this week.

Anyone out there with any experience in this field? What about purchasing tax liens on properties and holding them through the redemption period?


Armando Montelongo

Millionaires take action now Well, the inverse is just as true: money is time. Well, when you put 1 hour into your work, how much do you get out? Do you get at least 1 hour out the other side? I asked myself many years ago, how can I skip the learning curve? All of the mistakes and confusion and difficulty that anyone faces when starting a new business. There has to be a way to get past all of that as painlessly and as inexpensively as possible.


Become a money-making machine!


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