Zulushicage It is useful for estimating fish species and seabed composition. For mode specific menus, e. Marker-zoom display The marker-zoom display expands a selected area of the normal sounder picture to full vertical size of the screen on the left-half window. The products information appears and is then followed by the radar screen. Page 99 Icon data You may place the cursor on any icon to find information about the selected icon. Press the [DISP] key to show the full-screen selection window.

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The default radar function key settings are as shown in the table below. Press the GOTO soft key. That portion, usually wires or rods, of. Selecting Radar Source 1. The cursor is on the route waypoint nearest own ship. Data Boxes Data boxes, providing hcart data, may be shown on any full-screen display. The VRM is erased, and its indication becomes blank.

Turn the power on. These weak echoes may be erased as below. Press any key to continue the operation. The impedance and pattern properties of an antenna will be frequency independent if The antenna shape is specified only in terms of angles. Operate the cursor pad to shift the cursor. If necessary, you may enter a position offset to refine Loran C position accuracy. Waypoints Waypoints In navigation terminology, a waypoint is a particular location on a voyage whether it be a starting, intermediate or destination point.

Enter text from picture: It allows you to view and control a simulated plotter, radar and sounder picture, without position-fixing equipment, network radar or a network sounder. Erasing Weak Echoes 4. Memory card is not Unformatted memory formatted. The sequence of waypoints leading to the ultimate destination is called a route. Insert a formatted memory card into the slot.

Outputting Data Through The Network 6. C-map Chart Attributes 5. This section shows you what you can do with track, from turning it on or off to changing its plotting interval. Your browser is out of date. Marks, Lines Marks are useful for denoting important points such as a good fishing spot. Starting Echo Trails 5. As shown in the figure below the horizontal scale of the display is not influenced with the speed dependent picture advance mode active, thus it permits judgment of fish school size and abundance at any speed.

You can see which alarm has been violated on the alarm menu display. You can inscribe this mark from any mode, except while playing back data or conducting a self-test. In addition, you can display information about an icon by placing the cursor on it.

Page 37 To adjust the receiver gain, transmit on long range, and then do the following: Indices And Chart Enlargement When this happens, select proper chart scale. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Therefore, change the depth unit before changing the basic ranges. Anttenna a waypoint by range and bearing This method is useful when you want to enter a waypoint using range and bearing to a target found on a radar.

Loading Waypoint Data From Yeoman 6. If you cannot restore normal operation do not attempt to check inside the unit. Auth with social network: Range Scale Range Scale The range setting determines the size of the area in nautical miles that will appear on your display. This unit has waypoints into which you can enter position information. Use the cursor pad to select the waypoint you want to insert. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Available ranges depends on the network radar used. Keyboard, Remote Ver Immediately turn off the power at the switchboard if the equipment is emitting smoke or fire. These are tabulated below. TOP Related Posts.


OpenCPN Chart Plotter Navigation

Malalkree Message mode Always set vsr8. Reducing Low Level Noise Dots light-blue on the color model may appear over most of the screen. Simple Troubleshooting Simple Troubleshooting This section provides simple troubleshooting procedures which the user can follow to restore normal operation. Fish School Echoes 4. This display is useful for comparing the same picture with two different sounding frequencies. The equipment displays network sounder program version number, checks the ROM and RAM, and displays water temperature appropriate sensor required and depth. Press antebna EDIT soft key to show the waypoint switching window.



Mezuru The sequence of waypoints leading to the ultimate destination is called a route. Any chagt should be referred to a qualified technician. Press the cursor pad to turn on the cursor. Omar Saraereh Written By: Typical false echoes are shown below. Additionally it displays the times of sunrise and sunset.



Mukasa Language Chooses menu language. For mode specific menus, e. Displaying Target Number internal, External Arp 7. Depth Unit Anteenna unit of depth measurement. Plotter Setup Plotter Setup This paragraph provides the information necessary for setting up the plotter display. This display is useful for comparing the same picture with two different sounding frequencies. Function Key Output cursor position Suppress clutter.

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