I was pleasantly surprised. I really liked Serena. Julian was a surprise. I was set in hating him because he was sleeping around and this and that but he was so dedicated when it came to Serena. That was my favorite part of the book, how into Serena he was. Now, I really liked the book and was going to read the second but when I saw who it was about, I decided I was just going to leave this story as is.

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It falls clearly within in the paranormal romance genre. The story, at its essence, is about angels who try to protect mortals from their own stupidity and their bad choices, and the demons that lure them into making those bad choices.

Characters: Serena St. Clair is a new Guardian and as well as a fledgling angel, the lowest rank of celestial beings. As such she is responsible for the earthly care of humans. She also is a yoga instructor who is supposed to be protecting Nick Ramirez, a Hollywood hot shot, from falling into darkness.

Serena died while trying to save a woman and child at the risk of her own life. Her self-sacrifice gave her a one way ticket to heaven and on the road of achieving her angel wings. He wants nothing more than to lure her into giving herself fully to his whims and desires and then watching her fall out of grace.

At this point, you will find a timid, and scared character that is just learning how to be a good guardian. Later, you find a totally different and harder character who once again risks her own life to save another being. Julian Asher is a demon who died as a result of a scheme to get him to kill the husband of a former love interest. He ended up in Hell because of the choices he made in his lifetime.

The Prince of Hell himself sent Julian back to earth as a Gatekeeper. After a mere years, he became one of the youngest arch-demons ever and ever since then he has soiled and ruined the souls of many innocent women.

So, when Julian catches sight of Serena in his L. Nick Ramirez, the Hollywood boy toy, is a character that most readers will probably have a hard time understanding or will feel sorry for.

Nick needs companionship and love and believes that he has found it in Serena who has become a staple in his life. When Serena pushes him away for Julian, Nick makes some really bad choices including one that will forever change his life. For Serena, she is also stuck between a rock and a hard place. For the romance readers out there, this is the perfect book for you. Overall, this is an interesting story with a step in the right direction as the first book in the series.

I would like to know more about the company that Serena, Meredith and Arielle all work for. Also, it definitely leaves an open story for the demon that got away after the Company rushes in to save Serena from the demons.

Some may not like this because they will feel that it has a religious undertone. I strongly disagree. Reviewer was not paid to provide her opinions or make commentary about this book.


Angelo tentatore



Angelo Tentatore (2012)


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