This is a photo showing Ed from Basic Training. Two remarkable types of materials, very definitely used for things like invisibility and stealth cloaking technologies But did Ed really learn about Quasicrystals and Metamaterials from his contacts within the Military? Did he actually work in Black Projects as he claims or did he learn about all this stuff from reading science and technology magazines, or somewhere else? Metamaterials: Historically, and conventionally, the function or behavior of materials can be altered through their chemistry. This has long been known.

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Hanson rated it it was ok Jul 22, They show the development of certain craft which the government denies exist. Indeed, there is no reason to send a living being to explore the universe on a one-way journey when your scientific knowledge is advanced enough to create an EBE which can do it for you.

This is logical, in my opinion. The large glow in the center is due to the energy generated by the MFD. There were triangular planes before then, but this was the first triangular craft with an Magnetic Field Disrupter MFDa magnetic propulsion system. Pager rated it it was ok Aug 30, It would also happen in the event of a crisis. Published September 1st by Galde Press first published July They would have to have made agreements with Italy and all the other nations.

We knew of their existence but had never managed to communicate with them. He is certainly someone worth considering in trying to unravel what is happening in exotic aviation programs that use extraterrestrial eapture principles.

We would have be able to adapt. No, we may have restored a photo, but the TR-3B is still the most secret craft in the world. Nov 19, Olivia rated it did not like it. Alien Rapture: The Chosen In other words, maybe we know that aliens are coming and alidn will settle on Earth. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

My Crazy Undercover Life. The review must be at least 50 characters long. A friend of mine foucbe works in Intelligence told me that you had come into possession of MJ documents.

Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Alien Rapture — written as science-fiction — is based on the life of Edgar A. I think I have met some of these children. But note that these MJ documents were filed a long time before Corso wrote the draft of his book or before Santilli had seen it in the footage. And did the aliens have six fingers?

He saw them with his own eyes. Fouche describes many of the advanced propulsion systems used in covert programs. He has a broad view of the conspiracy and the reason for the cover-up. Foucue unless a pre-existing authority imposed the terms of the future new order.

Zero Hour Shifting Power. Well according to Gerald, Forrestal was right there, and communicated telepathically with the alien. Jonathan marked it as to-read Apr 15, Tim marked it as to-read Jul 20, There are several reasons. If We Had Known. At that time the Strategic Defense Initiative SDIor the so-called Star Wars programwas launched, and following a new Majestic 12 Edgaar, various technologies were developed, basically to defend the atmosphere, which forms our external barrier.

Fouche claims that advanced hypersonic vehicles like the Aurora and TR-3B are often confused for UFOs and account for the black triangle phenomenon. Part of the documents concerned the autopsy of some supposed alienssimilar to those described by Col. October 31, Imprint: Death in the Stars. This aliien follows the amazing journey of Joe Green, a military veteran and DoD engineering contractor who has xlien about his own strange experiences and questions about secret technologies which he learns of in his work on black projects.

Terran Shift Anthology, Vol 2: This is worth considering given widespread knowledge of how the Biefeld-Brown effect produces a lift for objects by using high voltages charges, and how large triangular objects offer a stable geometric design for optimal effect. Related Posts.


Alien Rapture: The Chosen

Duzragore John rated it really liked it Apr 12, Why do we have to do it in such a violent way? Return to Extraterrestrial Technology. Marcel Narings added it Dec 24, Ed told me laien enjoyed the interview, and he sent me a great deal of technical material on the TR-3B and aerial technology. So in other words, they are robots or androids. Some alien races are believed to be very similar to human beings. Matthew marked it as to-read Oct 14, Return to Book Page.



Ed only appeared on the screen for a few minutes and, partly because of the way the information was presented in this documentary. Edgar Fouche was disclosing information regarding what he had seen in a number of secret projects -- or "black programmes". Ed was selected for the US Air Force Pararescue field and then, following an injury, retrained as an electronics and cryptographic specialist. His continually growing skills and knowledge in these and other areas lead him to gain a top secret "crypto" clearance.

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