Give topic-wise sectional tests. Sir can you just explain a little as to how wrong answers pull down the percentile so much? The level is below CAT or any other standard exam. Could you please suggest in aolutions regard?

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Braktilar Hi ad, solutions will be out soon, it was indeed of the difficult mould. You may read other newspapers as well. What is the minimum percentage required in CBSE 10th and 12th for not missing out maximum points in selection criteria? Now am not working. How to stay away from the internet and concentrate on studies? The speed Maths Concepts taught during the speed Mathematics sessions needs to be practiced a lot. Are two years sufficient to prepare for the CAT?

The remaining topics will be completed as per the course structure and you shold look at doing good on those in the AIMCATs coming after that. Hi Sir there are rumours that from this year there will be a single exam no snap or XATCan you please update us onthis? Try practicing the Speed maths concepts. Sure, you can add up the experience. Finally, remember you need to read a lot, only then you will see a substantial improvement in your aptitude.

Benefits of taking as many mocks as possible are- Helps you gain the patience and the concentration required to sit through 3 hours. When is the next CMAT exam? I am really trying hard but am making lot of negetives. Kindly focus on that instead of getting demotivated due to ones academic profile.

I am having troubles with geometry. You should be judicious in selecting questions to answer. I have just begun my classes in T. The exam is held in multiple slots across a period of 30 days or so and hence, each slot has a different flavour.

Is it tougher than other test series? It will change the way you think and bring in new perspectives. How many Qs r expected to be attempted out of 30? I have a one year work ex at one company and 4 months work ex at the other company. I am continuously practicing but in vain. This despite doing the exercices from SM I am not able aumcat attempt many questions because of this.

Remove threats and optimize your Chrome with military-grade tech. Will be giving cat in coming nov Watch the following solutjons …. The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has the best price. How will be my chances if i do PGP with 3 n half years of experience?? Your score suggests your basics are good, you need to fine tune some areas perhaps. Accuracy is what I am seriously lacking in. Can you please focus specifically on solutons and give some tips to do well?

Logarithms is something you must be familiar with. What is the app. AIMCAT Discussion Thread With all due respect, the very purpose of having this chat is defeated because the results for the mock have not yet been declared.

So should i show that 4 months work ex in my profile? This question has been answered at various times in the Chat. Is it 3 times or not? For these we can have a separate chat! Then, make sure you stay in touch with the areas where you solutipns you are weak. I have been doing that from a considerable time nowbut still not able to fare well in RCs. Related Articles.


AIMCAT 1315 Solutions

As your deed is, so is your destiny. I did pretty well in other entrance exams as well. Then GD and another aptitude round was conducted and only 30 students remained, I cleared that as well. ScheduleOnce is a aimact slot booking system that allows you to fully control how time slots with your availability are displayed. Preparing for CAT can be a lonely journey and if you have someone with whom you can talk to or share everything, it can be very helpful.



Shagis Learn More at wikibuy. The best way to improve a language is to practise reading, speaking and writing. How is the Toprankers test series? And what probably would be my CAT score based on this??

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