Owen Geiger in an effort to bring the concept of earthbag building to the broadest possible audience. It is offered with an attitude of good will toward all of those who might employ the ideas and further this very sustainable approach to building. Kelly Hart is the host of www. He has adapted the concepts popularized by Nadir Khalili and his "superadobe" building, by filling the bags primarily with crushed volcanic rock. This creates insulated walls that are similar to strawbale, except that they are completely impervious to damage from moisture, insects or rodents. He has also written a book about Earthbag Architecture, available through the resources page.

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The books in this series include detailed information and construction plans for a wide range of climates, expert advice on what works best, and an abundance of photos and drawings. DEDICATION This book is dedicated to the thousands of natural builders and designers around the world who are actively engaged in changing the course of our built environment for the better; those builders and designers who realize that a major paradigm change is required to prevent irrevocable environmental catastrophe; those builders and designers who strive to provide affordable housing for all of humanity equitably.

I would like to thank all those who participated in our Earthbag Building 2. Gathering the best new ideas from the best builders has helped make this a better book. Contributors include Dr. Bill Taha, S. Thanks to Kelly Hart for all his help and encouragement, who provided valuable advice throughout, and to Patti Stouter for her editing and layout design. Kelly and Patti have been very helpful in creating a higher quality, more polished text.

Without their effort, this book may not have been possible. Copyright by Owen Geiger. All rights reserved.

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Earthbag Building Guide

It embraces all aspects of safely constructing vertical earthbag walls, discusses ways to insulate and plaster them, and talks about roof options and other details. It even introduces the revolutionary Hyperadobe concept from Brazil! This is a powerful resource. The point-by-point instructions are a wonderful quick reference, and the detailed explanations explain every aspect of each step from foundation to roof. The look is excellent, the length is excellent. You really seem to cover the whole process and I like your step-by-step explanations.


Owen’s Earthbag Book and DVD

Owen Geiger and Kateryna Zemskova prepared this for goodearthnepal. Simple Earth Buildings for the Humid Tropics by Patti Stouter, is a 17 page PDF doucment which provides some basic ideas for simple houses that can be built of earthbags. Examples of different styles of piers and roofs and windows are shown to help you understand the options available. The Sustainable Living Center Foundation describes the use of an earthbag grade beam foundation. Using Earthbags as Ceiling Insulation describes the use of earthbags filled with a variety of natural insulating materials to insulate roofs and then covering these with natrual fiber mats for the finish ceiling material. Shaping Buildings for the Humid Tropics: Cultures, Climate, and Materials by Patti Stouter, , is a 28 page PDF document that describes how to use ventilation, shading, plantings and insulation to provide comfort in hot humid climates. It includes some discussion of the use of earthbags in achieving these goals.





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