But the biocybe has something to hide as well, something once thought impossible for his kind to possess: feelingsā€¦ for Sass. I was so absorbed that I stayed up late to finish it. I think that will always be the case for me whenever I read certain space opera novels. I would rather go with the flow of the book instead of spend too much time trying to figure out the science and the mechanics of that particular book.

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It boggles my mind how the author came up with such amazing science. The world building was also pretty good, but a little more description would have been nice, but not necessary.

I personally enjoy the freedom of using my own imagination. What I liked best is the balance between romance and plot. To me it was a perfect recipe. Not too much of either. Let me start by saying that this story has two romances going on between two pairs of couples At first I was confused as to which couple was the "main" couple of the book. This story is way too complex to summarize so I will try to just mention points of interest.

This may come off as a bit scatterbrained but I truly cannot figure out how to write this review. A human with bionic parts. Tasha is human. He has been in love with her for 12 years. He is a virgin. Tasha is a skilled Captain and former mercenary this is a secret who was known as Sass until the "Sass" identity was "killed. I felt so bad for him on so many levels. Human yet not, logical and emotionless yet not. She is also loyal, fun, and independant.

Both characters are "experienced", Jace being a rake and Eden was married before and is now divorced. None of these women show up or are mentioned by name. He falls in love with Eden.

Eden- The ships doctor and empath. She finds out that her abilities extend into telepathy after meeting Jace. A total surprise to her. There are many sweet kissing scenes that lead up to it though. Jace and Eden share intimate momments but we never see them in the intimate way. I personally really liked the story and all of the characters. I especially liked the use of the "furzels" which are cat like critters who are also telepathic and bond to their owners. They also play a VERY important role in the story and are not just used for a cuteness element.

What I felt was lacking is the back story of Kel-Paten. We know it is from being in battles but we never get more then a slight mention of it. For such a fantastic main character, there should have been much more on him. This is the cause of my lowering a star. I felt the pace was good. I never skimmed and finished this in little over a day pages. Would I recommend? Read more by this author Yes. Once he had his shirt off and she saw he was a biocybe, she refused him her service with disgust on her face and said "no prostitute could be paid enough to sleep with him".

He left humiliated and shamed.. It was only the drug that made his control falter. She has no feelings for him and never did.


Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair

Sinclair, Games of Command, your science fiction romance, begins shortly after an alliance is formed between the Triad and the United Coalition. Tasha and Kel-Paten each have a secret they are keeping from one another. Kel-Paten has had to override his programming to nurture his passion for Sass, and to hide those feelings to ensure their survival as well as his own. Eden Fynn, one of the crewmembers that Sass brought with her to the Vaxxar, is an empath, and she senses that Kel-Paten feels strong emotions for her captain. In his sleep he manages to communicate with Eden, and reveal that he is a telepath and that she must be as well. Serafino tells Eden that Psy-Serv, the same Triad agency that has programmed Kel-Paten to feel no emotions, forced Serafino to have his brain implanted with something that limits his telepathic abilities, and will do something similar to Eden if they realize that she too, has telepathic abilities.


Linnea Sinclair



Games of Command



REVIEW: Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair


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