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The circuit uses two diodes at input side. The two logic levels are represented as binary numbers 0 and 1. The OR gate produces low output only when both the inputs are low, in all other conditions or for all other combinations of inputs , the output of OR gate will be high. If we connect HIGH logic level voltage i. Or if we connect high level voltage to both inputs, then both the inputs will be high making the diodes to be in forward bias condition.

If the two inputs of the OR gate are low, then the inputs diodes become reverse biased, allowing no current to flow in the circuit. So the output will be LOW 0. Truth table The truth table for logical OR gate is given below. This shows us that the output put of OR gate will be high with all combinations of inputs except for both low inputs condition.

Explanation of OR gate with light switch circuit The OR gate switching circuit will have two inputs connected to two manually toggled switches. Let the two switches be A and B, then the we can explain the switching operation of OR gate as When both switches A and B are open switches are supplied with low level input signal i. When switch A is close supplied with high level input signal and B is open supplied with low level input signal i.

When switch A is open supplied with low level input signal and B is close supplied with high level input signal i. When both switches A and B are close switches are supplied with high level input signal i. When the two inputs are high, then the output is also high. And further even when either of the inputs is high, then the output of OR gates continued to be high state.

When both the inputs of the OR gate are at low level, then the output also comes to low level. OR gate designed using NPN transistor is shown in the below diagram. Emitter of second transistor is connected to ground. The output is calculated at the emitter of the transistors. For OR logic circuit, the transistors are connected in parallel and the output of the circuit is measured HIGH when both the transistors conducting or if any one of the transistors is conducting.

Though the OR gate have 3 inputs, the Boolean equation will not change. Th output of the OR gate is equal to the sum of the inputs. The multiple input OR gate is shown below.


Digital Logic OR Gate



74LS32 Quad 2-input OR Gate IC



Circuito Integrado 74ls32, 7432. Compuerta Logica OR



Fonction logique


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